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‘Teen Wolf’: Fan Predictions for the Stydia Reunion


Teen Wolf‘s winter finale is almost here and from the looks of the preview, it’s also the reunion we have all been waiting for! Not to say that we aren’t excited for Stiles to reunite with Scott and Malia, because we SUPER are, but since Stiles has left, those relationships haven’t changed. Scott and Stiles are still undeniably brothers and beyond best friends. Stiles is still Malia’s anchor (one of them) and they are super important to each other, but that was the case pre-Ghost Rider snatching.

Do you know what has changed? Stydia! The relationship dynamic of Stiles and Lydia is highly anticipated because while WE know how Lydia feels about Stiles, Stiles still does not. He doesn’t know that during her hypnosis, she realized when everything changed for them. Or that when he said he loved her and was taken, she didn’t get to say it back. We have watched Stiles love Lydia for years and now we get to (hopefully) watch her tell him that she loves him! Let that sink in! NO matter what, it will be epic!

Before 6×9 “Memory Found” aired, we asked the fans on Twitter to predict how the #Stydia reunion would go down and there were some great responses! Here are our favs!

This one is all about the face touching and we dig it:

This one isn’t as optimistic but it’s a “full circle” kind of ending to the season:

This one is super romantic and a little tragic:

And this one breaks it down with lots of details and a picture:

You can’t go wrong with the “Happily Ever After” ending like this one:

This one is pretty great! #ShakyWhimper:

This one is an actual video of what they hope the reunion will be like:

Honestly, after watching Scott’s face when Lydia said she “Never said it back,” and then seeing the promo #Sciles hug, this feels legit:

And then there is this one on tumblr that BROKE IT DOWN. Check it out:

And finally this one. Just simple and true:

Same, girl. Same.

What do you think will go down in 6×10 of Teen Wolf? Give us a shout on twitter @Pure_Fandom and tell us your theories!

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Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays on MTV at 9/8c.  

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