‘This Is Us’: 4 WTF moments from episode 1×13, “Three Sentences”

This Is Us: Season 1, Episode 13, “Three Sentences,” Aired Jan. 24, 2017

This week on This Is Us, some things happened. Honestly, it feels a bit like we’ve hit the dreaded mid-season lull. The episode featured the Big Three’s 10th birthday where everyone got their own party and accompanying theme (Princess Bride, Madonna, and Magic, respectively). In present day, Randall spent some quality time with William, Kate entered a month-long camp program for weight loss and healthy living, and Kevin tried to make sense of his messy love life with some assistance from Toby. But even though this week seemed a little lackluster, there were still a couple moments that pulled me through. Mostly by making me go, “WTF?”

  1. Kate referring to Toby as her fiancée. Okay, so I guess that was a real proposal? It felt more like a, “Hey, I would marry you, maybe, someday, because you have all the qualities I’m looking for in a potential partner, potentially, sometime in the future.” But nope. That’s not what it was. That proposal was for real.
  1. WOW, this guy at camp is aggressive. He is all over Kate immediately after seeing her. Oh, she’s talking to her brother and not to her boyfriend? GREAT, he thinks he’s in. Oh, what’s that now? Her engagement to Toby is real and she’s really engaged? Camp guy does not care. Camp guy tells her which bunk he’s in because he’s sure he’s got it locked up and she just hasn’t realized it yet. WTF.
  1. The first funeral scenes. We know Jack has, sadly, passed away. But this week, we got a first look at the funeral, and it was just as devastating as we might have assumed it would be. We don’t know a lot about the circumstances surrounding his death, and I am so not ready to find out. I cried a lot, so I don’t even know what I’m going to do when we get the whole story.
  1. Kevin makes his choice. And the object of his love and affection is… a girl named Sophie who is, apparently, HIS EX-WIFE? WTF!? Buckle in, because I’ve got a lot to say about this one starting with: didn’t see that coming. Thank goodness for the always fantastic This is Us backstory for reminding me that everything is connected. Flashback to the Big Three’s 10th birthday party, and we see a 10-year-old Kevin and a 10-year-old Sophie watching Princess Bride side-by-side, even though Sophie had come to the party allegedly as Kate’s best friend. This is a little suspect to me, but hey, we probably all did some questionable things when we were 10. I do find it cute that even after all this time, Kevin is harboring a thing for a girl he’s loved since childhood. That feels right for his character, who seems a little unfulfilled in his life presently. After pouring his heart out on her doorstep (apparently she hasn’t moved in the intervening years), he gets a promising text message that she’s interested in meeting up with him to talk. So, I guess we’ll be seeing more of Sophie, and I’ll have to decide how I feel about that.

Episode 13 pulls it all together in the end by reminding us that family is forever, and the Pearson’s are a particularly shiny example. Even when the plot lags, the emotion is off the charts. They feel like a real family to me, and I keep coming back for more.

What I want from the next episode: MORE BETH. I think Beth is the best character on the whole show, and she had one line this week. I also look forward to the developing situation in Kevin’s love life, and I hope William keeps hanging on because his whole plot with Randall this week was also the best.

Which plot line are you most interested in right now?

This Is Us will be taking a break next week and returning Feb. 7. If you feel like you’ll miss it a little too much, there’s a fantastic This Is Us playlist on Spotify that I highly recommend.


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