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Star Wars Theory Series Part 10: Rey was hatched from a blue egg?

This week on Star Wars Theory Series, host Liz and guests Marty (her brother) and Eric (her husband) break down the most ridiculous Star Wars theories circling the web. The most insane one? That Rey is hatched from a giant blue egg. No, we’re not kidding. Even more ridiculous, we actually started to (kind of) get on board with this theory after flushing it out. Our number 1 theory about Rey’s heritage is definitely the Kenobi theory, but this one is worth a laugh if you want to spice up your theorizing.

In this podcast, we break down the following theories:

-That Rey was born from a giant blue egg.

-Luke and Leia actually had another sibling.

-Rey is a Skywalker

-Rey is Kylo’s brother? (We breeze over this one.)

-Rey is a survivor of whatever happened at Luke’s Jedi academy.

-Rey’s name isn’t Rey

-A whole lot more.

Listen here:

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Image: Disney

Articles referenced in this podcast: Digital Spy; HuffPost


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