‘Grimm’ Recap: 6×03 “Oh Captain, My Captain”

Grimm: Season 6, Episode 3, “Oh Captain, My Captain,” Aired Jan. 21, 2017

Grimm fans, we are back with double the Renard in the latest episode of Grimm directed by one David Giuntoli himself! Oh, and for the record, I officially laughed out loud more on this episode than I have with any other in recent memory. Well done, Mr. Giuntoli, Well done.

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We open with the line “You will face yourself again in a moment of terror.”  This is quote is part of a larger piece from Mihail Sebastian, For Two Thousand Years. And it makes PERFECT sense for one. How? Well, let us recap….

Picking up right where we left off,  Renard is free from jail and the Portland-wide manhunt for Nick is still on. Nick and the team are laying low in the basement of the Spice Shop trying to make sense of Diana’s drawing of the symbols on the Heal’n Stick cloth. Side note, it’s called the Spice Shop but I’ve never seen any like…oregano or paprika in there.

In the meantime, Adalind and the kids on the other hand are stuck at Renard’s house. Renard gives her the “get with the program” ultimatum while Adalind recalls Bonaparte’s warning about severe pain for her children if she ever tried to take her engagement ring off. Okay, do we all remember that Adalind is still a Hexenbiest? Don’t act like you’re helpless, girl. Bring back a little of that Season 1 Ad, minus the murderous tendencies.  

SLAY, Clair Coffee. image:

Across town, Wu and Hank are at the precinct turning in their resignations as demanded by Renard. Annoying but really, who wants to work for Renard anyways. Wu and Renard have some words and Wu starts to woge. Luckily Hank is there to calm him down. I just love those two and their sass. They should move to New York and partner with Ice T on SVU. I’d watch that, NBC.

You’d like them, Ice! Geez… image: giphy

Everyone is back at the Spice Shop wondering how they’ll make a nice pasta sauce with no actual spices… wait. No. They’re actually coming up with a plan to turn one of them into Renard using that witch hat you huff from. This hat: turned Adalind into Juliette, Juliette into Adalind and, subsequently, a Hexenbiest, and also Eve into Renard. Busy hat. This time, however, Nick is going to use it to turn into Renard. So, we have a Tale of Two Renards! Flashback to that quote at the start and you see where this is all heading – Renard v Renard.

Back to Renard. He’s currently being blackmailed by Jeremiah who saw him leaving Rachel’s the night she was killed. Also, Jeremiah apparently loved her. But a solid amount of cash will allow him to be okay with leaving his love’s death technically unsolved. Cool. Celine Dion is writing a ballad about that as we speak.

“I believe that my bank account will go ooonnnnn…..” image: Hookedoneveryting

Nick calls Adalind and she volunteers to get some of Renard’s hair so they can do the spell. Also, these two. For all they’ve been and are going through, their relationship seems to be doing pretty well. Even Eve calls Nick out this episode on how much he loves the blonde Hexenbiest. Anyways, Monroe volunteers to run over and pick up the hair and clothes, with a very sweet, concerned comment about pregnant Rosalee working with all the spell ingredients.

Guys, I’m about to shock you. Renard doesn’t take well to being blackmailed. WHAT?!? Right.  So, he pays Jeremiah a visit. With a one-two punch, he decides to have another Wesen prove his loyalty, and get a promotion to backfill the Captain spot, by ripping Jeremiah’s throat out. In doing so, splashes blood on Renard. Who now needs to change his shirt. At his house. Where Monroe is getting the hair. Sigh.

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As Renard comes home, Adalind throws Monroe in the closet, then, does all she can to keep Renard away from it. She offers to get him a shirt, tells him to shower the blood out of his hair. She’s, like, REALLY bad at this “nothing to see here” stuff but somehow it works. Monroe gets out, telling Adalind to make sure Renard sees the 7pm news.

Back at the Spice Shop, Nick huffs the hat. And, after a painful transition, out comes a full woged Renard 2.0. I would like to take this opportunity to point out how AMAZINGLY well Sasha Roiz does with this episode. He channels Nick so well and the team has to give Nick/Renard a lesson on being, well, Renard-y. SO funny. And I’m guessing they all had a great time filming it.

THE CUTEST. image: popsugar

Back at the apartment, Adalind trying to stall the real-Renard so he watches the news is hysterical. First, she demands they talk about Diana, which Renard responds with, “Why? Did she kill someone else?” Normal. Then, she pivots to talk about where Diana should go to school and how they have to consider how Diana may kill someone who makes her mad. Again, seems right.

7pm news time and you have Renard/Nick (Renick? Whatever.)  abdicating from the mayorship and exonerating Nick in one fell swoop on live TV! Renard reacted really well to that. And in my favorite Adalind moment, she asks in a tiny voice, “When did you record that?”

YIKES. image: Giphy

Renard/Nick, Wu and Hank are that precinct. They grab all of Renard’s files and computer, having to sidestep the understandably pissed off would-be new Captain, Grossante. Renard/Nick blames his sloppy crime scene habits. Renard/Nick gets out, leaving Renard to deal with the aftermath.

Back at the Spice Shop  in a “come now, you knew it wouldn’t be this easy” moment, Eve is like REALLY concerned that Nick hasn’t changed back. But there really isn’t much time for that because real-Renard calls, demanding to meet with Renard/Nick. Renick? Whatever. Wu goes to fetch Adalind and the kids while Nick-Renard goes to face real Renard on the roof of the loft.

After some chatting,  they start just beating on each other. Themselves? A therapist would have a field day with this. The fight ends in a stalemate. We see a brief moment of better Nick and Renard times as they negotiate a tentative peace. Dead Boneparte takes the blame for the precinct attack, Hank, Wu and Nick all have their jobs back. Nick gets Kelly and Adalind, Renard gets Diana part-time. Which seems like a terrible idea. That little Queen is powerful AF. Why would you do that?

RIGHT?!? Image: giphy

Back at the Spice Shop, ‘a’ Renard returns. So, of course, here comes the “Are you Nick? How can we be sure?” But, it’s Nick, confirmed by Adalind. Awww. Okay but Nick is still trapped in Renard’s body, soo….  Enter Diana who immediately realizes something is wrong with “Daddy” and with an aggressive shove, jump starts Nick’s return to is true from. At some point, we’re going to stop underestimating this little one, yeah?
Real Renard staggers into his house and realizes that he isn’t alone. Uh oh.  The voice from the dark says, “I tried to tell you. You chose the wrong side, Sean.” Who is it??! It’s Meisner. And he’s not pleased.

HE IS BACK!?!? image: giphy

Grimm airs Fridays on NBC at 8/7c.  

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