‘Kings of Con’ recap: 1×10 “Arlington, VA”

Well… it’s the time we all knew would come.

The first season of Kings of Con came to close this Tuesday. This was the last episode of the fan-funded series, and, as promised, it was the biggest of them all. So let’s get started.

The recap

This episode shows Rob and Rich trying to get ahold of “Justin Angles and Jaden Jaworski” (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) so they can pitch them a new TV show idea. In order to do this, Rich and Rob do the only thing they can do in order to get time with the other duo: buy a photo op and pitch the idea to them in mere seconds. Long story short, Rob purchases way too many photo ops, but Justin and Jaden just aren’t interested. So what now?

With encouragement from Doug (Misha Collins), Rich and Rob think up a new show idea: a show about convention life. And here’s where everything comes full circle: Kings of Con was actually about Kings of Con the whole time. (So meta!) But there’s another roadblock: some other actors are making a show about conventions as well. Will Rich and Rob’s show ever see the light of day?

The best moments

  • The whole photo op session was gold
  • Justin/Jensen to Rich and Rob: “It’s just too bad that we don’t do procedurals”
  • Doug to Rob: “You turn that frown upside down, sad clown, your star’s on the rise”
  • “Is it beer o’clock already?”
  • The return of Bernie Kopell
  • Can I say the whole episode? The whole episode

The takeaways

Well, here we are. Against all odds, Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict brought their comedic vision to life. And we’re better off for it. Why? The duo brought a wit and skill for comedic timing rarely seen on many mainstream TV shows today. Kings of Con is for fans, no matter what you’re a fan of. Fan of funny situations, misunderstandings, and excellent wordplay? You can be a fan of Kings of Con. It’s simply a plus if you’re a fan of Supernatural so you can catch all of the great cameos and inside jokes. But it’s not just the humor that sets the series apart.

Now that the first season is done, let’s talk about how important Kings of Con really was. As mirrored in the episode, the show ConMan (starring Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk) was pitched around the same time as Kings of Con. Instead of worrying whether the fans would come through, Rob and Rich pushed incredibly hard for their show. They did ridiculous things. They promised ridiculous things. And all along the way they still relied on the fans and still believed in them. And that’s maybe one of the best things of all.

My major takeaway from the series is that the barriers that you make for yourself can be broken. Let me explain. Kings of Con exists because of the talent and and dedication of two men, plus a legion of fans. Everyone has in them a story to tell, or a song, or a painting. Putting your heart into what you’re doing can lead to happiness, as long as you work for it. And no matter what roadblocks pop up, it’s okay to ask for help.

Why ‘Kings of Con’ deserves a second season

Kings of Con is truly an awesome achievement for Rich and Rob, and I’m genuinely happy for them. They’ve been on the convention circuit for years now, and should have many more stories to tell. Besides this, since they addressed the idea of making the actual show in this last episode, it would be cool to see them address the reception of it in the next season.

Until then, I’ll be waiting impatiently. Thank you, Rob and Rich. Stay on point.


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