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‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 discussion: Damon’s inner struggle between good and bad

The Vampire Diaries: Season 8, Episode 8, “We Have History Together,” Aired Jan. 13, 2017

The Vampire Diaries is finally back after its mid-season break (yay), and the recent episode did not disappoint. We finally got to see the bad things Damon and Stefan were getting up to, now that they both have their humanity switch off and are working for Cade. One thing I have to say is, that when Stefan is bad, ohhh he is BAD! Rippaaah Stef made his comeback, and I’m personally quite terrified to see what will happen next with him in their adventures. However, throughout the episode, it was clearly prominent that Damon was fighting between the dark side and the light side. He wanted to be good, but was it for the right reasons?

Let’s discuss Damon’s struggle between bad and good in more detail:

In the recent episode, we dived straight into Stefan and Damon’s evil work for Cade – they have to find evil souls and deliver them to Hell for him, and that was exactly what they were doing. What was important, was that we saw an interesting side to Damon. As you could clearly see, he wasn’t being as dedicated as Stefan was. Firstly, we saw them attend an anger management support group class to seek out their next victim, and as expected, it ended in a blood bath. Stef tested their limits – making one man choose between his life and everyone else’s to see if he was the worst out them all. But even after he answered honestly, Stefan killed them all anyways. This even shocked Damon, as he only wants to do the least damage as possible, where as Stefan just doesn’t give a f**k!

Secondly, came the introduction to a newbie — a cute brown-haired doctor who slightly resembled Elena!

Uh-oh, this won’t be ending well… and it really didn’t! Stefan deliberately hurt Damon so he could be admitted to the hospital, and that gave them an excuse to test their new victim. The doc’s parents were killed when she was young and Stefan thought he could use that to their advantage. He lied and told her a story about how Damon was a drunk driver and a really terrible person, so therefore, she should kill him and give his organs to a patient who deserved it. Damon believed no matter what Stef said, she wouldn’t be turned to the dark side and would do harm to him. At first, she stuck to her doctor code and would treat every patient with the same respect – no matter what. But, after learning more about Damon (well, Stefan’s lies about him), she swiftly did what had to be done. She allowed him to die so another patient on the transplant list could get his organs and survive. With that, they knew her morals were wrong and therefore, perfect for Cade. Ugh, not another death.

I loved the constant feel of Delena love throughout the episode. We saw what kept Damon grounded, and it was Elena’s necklace (cue endless sobbing!).

I loved how no matter what craziness was about to happen, we saw Damon touch the necklace as if it was helping what decisions he made. When Stef found the necklace, he wanted him to get rid of it – UGH, screw you, Stefan! Clearly, it seems that the only way back from Hell will be for Elena to return and bring Damon back to the good side. Oh, I really do pray for an Elena appearance. Throughout it all, Damon did not want to kill the doctor. But, was this simply because he thought she didn’t deserve it? Or, was it because she reminded him of Elena?

I honestly think at most times when Damon does good, it always links back to Elena — Elena wouldn’t approve of it, Elena would be mad, Elena wouldn’t want to be with him if he did that. Surely, it should be about what he truly thinks and not always thinking about the outcome of a decision based on what it would do to his relationship with Elena? I’m not necessarily saying that this is his reasoning all the time, and that it isn’t always good (it can be), but I’d like to see more of the struggle between good and bad simply because Damon believes what he is doing is wrong. I did like that he used Elena’s necklace to keep him anchored, but I want to see more focused on what Damon truly thinks.

Overall, I sense danger ahead for the both Damon and Stefan, as clearly they both have different views on how their work with Cade should go, and it will only in in disaster. Stef is back to his bad-boy rippaah days, and Damon is doing what he can to not be too far gone that he won’t be able to go back to being good. Let’s just hope their brother-ship can survive their deal with Cade!

Rippah Stefan is terrifying – ahh! Fingers crossed Damon can keep him in check.

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