‘Kings of Con’ recap: 1×09 “Las Vegas, NV”

This week’s episode of Kings of Con was another hilarious ride through the lives of Rob and Rich. This one was more… unusual than the previous ones, and I can’t wait to get started.

The recap

The episode’s opening shot features a very messy hotel room. And a bed. A bed with both Rob and Rich in it. But things aren’t as they appear: Rob and Rich have apparently gotten married in Las Vegas after getting very drunk. Quite a way to start out an episode, and the situation only gets funnier from there.

Rob resolves not to tell any of their coworkers, but they already know that the two are married. How? Rob and Rich apparently live-tweeted it. Classic. In the meantime, everyone has gotten the newlyweds gifts, and Rich doesn’t really seem to be minding the situation. Rob, however, is completely freaking out, and asks Rich, “Why are you being so f***ing blase about it?!”

According to Sue (Kim Rhodes), it seems as if Rich actually loves Rob. Rob isn’t quite sure what to do about this, and tries to make sense of the situation. Does his best friend actually love him or does what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?

The takeaways

Some of the best moments from this episode:

  • Louden Swain gives Rob and Rich matching scarves
  • Lots of our favorite cameos from previous episodes
  • “Aw, our first fight”
  • Rich’s… interesting tattoo

This episode was very reminiscent of fanfiction, in a way. I’m very aware that there is probably some sort of fanfiction out there that mirrors the majority of the plot in this episode. In other people’s hands, this episode could’ve seemed mocking or mean to the fans of Supernatural or Kings of Con. However, the writing continues to be just as funny, off-kilter, and fan-oriented as any other Kings of Con episode thus far.

What’s interesting about this episode is the way that it sets up its climax. The audience is just as unsure about Rich’s viewpoint on the matter as Rob. This makes for some interesting revelations and hilarious moments along the way. And honestly, what else have we come to expect from this series?

Kings of Con continues to be as funny as ever, and somehow manages to bring something new to the table each episode. The laughs are unexpected and the characters are endearing, even when they’re constantly messing up. Next week is sadly the last episode of the first season of Kings of Con, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!


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