‘Grimm’ season 6 premiere recap: 6×01 “Fugitive”

Grimm season 6 premiere recap: Season 6, Episode 1, “Fugitive,” Aired Jan. 6, 2017 

The bittersweet day is here; the final season premiere of NBC’s Grimm, “Fugitive.” From Nick, to Trubel, to sweet Bud, the whole gang is back to start the goodbyes. So, wipe away the sadness momentarily while we recap our full throttle return back into the world of the Wesen.


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The scene, as always, opens with a literary quote. This time, it’s an old Aldous Huxley saying: “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”

Portland’s chapters of Black Claw and Hadrian’s Wall are scattered or dead, which is a change I’m totally fine with. While it cost the sweet Meisner eye candy, that international showdown really didn’t do much for me. I’m glad to get back to Nick & Co focused action.

Bye, handsome.

Season 6 found us exactly where we left off — Nick and Renard are in Nick’s loft, understandably confused. Whose side is Renard on? He did just literally stab main Black Claw baddie Bonaparte in the back. Now, in this case, he wasn’t really in control of his actions. However, Renard remains Nick’s most complicated relationship. Enemy, frenemy kind of, and now back to REAL enemy. I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate how I miss good-ish-guy Renard. I just have a hard time not liking him even as a villain.

Next up, Eve and Trubel are hiding out under Nick’s loft, and our girl Eve is starting to have “feelings” after Nick healed her with the Heal’n Stick. That’s the name I’ve given it… roll with me. That does not go unnoticed by Trubel, and they are starting to realize the Heal’n Stick may have some unexpected side effects. Oh, and Rosalee is pregnant with what will inevitably be the sweetest fox-wolf hybrid baby.

She gets it. Image: giphy

Hank, Wu, Eve, Trubel, Rosalee and Monroe regroup, finding Nick standing amidst the mess of Black Claw bodies and realize they need to quickly make their leave.

Renard, after making some threats to Nick, leaves the loft and returns home where Adalind is waiting. She is less than pleased Renard survived. On the other hand, she is relieved to learn Nick is also alive. Soon they discover daughter Diana is literally playing people like puppets with her Mom and Dad voodoo dolls and glowing violet eyes. Creepy.

Yikes.  image: tvline

Rosalee, Monroe, Trubel and Eve leave to get rid of the Black Claw bodies at the Spice Shop. Yes, bodies here, bodies there, bodies f*cking everywhere. But then, one of the bodies reaches up and locks Eve in a Death Grip – literally. They solve the problem by cutting the guy’s hand off which feels right but, twist! The Death Grip can only happen to a clean soul, and Eve certainly doesn’t have a clean soul. Maybe the Heal’n Stick did a little soul scrubbing? Eve also notices patterns on the cloth that held the Heal’n Stick. They are the same marks she saw on the face of the Death Grip guy. What. The. HELL. Also, she’s the ONLY one who can see them!

Sames, David, SAME. Image: ibtimes

Adalind, Nick, and baby Kelly finally reunite at Renard’s place. She fills Nick in on the details of what’s been happening at the house, including her cursed engagement. It’s nice to see these two back together, but what will the fallout of a potential Juliette return be?

At the station, Renard makes the typical bad guy move of setting Nick up to take the fall for all the dead people, giving a “shoot to kill” order on Nick.  That order doesn’t exactly thrill his fellow brothers in blue.

Hank and Wu go to investigate a body ID’d as former Renard PR flack Rachel Wood. They suspect Renard right off. Then, the team finds the new Mayor’s prints all over the dead woman’s apartment. Quick reminder: Diana actually killed Rachel. Regardless, that little Child of the Damned is accumulating quite the body count.  

The gang decides to hide out at Bud’s shop because they think that’s the least likely spot Renard will think to find them. Awwww. I love that nervous Eisbiber. The plan works until Renard tracks Nick’s phone straight to them. Team Nick is quickly surrounded by Portland’s finest. As usual, they look to Eve to do her Heixenbeist worst but, she can’t. Eve is powerless!

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The episode ends with the cops and Renard closing in on Bud’s shop and nowhere for the crew to escape. Ahhh, a very Grimm cliffhanger, reminding us of what we have been missing all this time and what we will miss *sob* when the show comes to an end.
Now, the most IMPORTANT question. Eve/Juliette – will she end up as a blonde, brunette, or back to red? These are critical things we need to know!!!

Grimm airs Fridays on NBC at 8/7c.  

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