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‘The Flash’: Some of the top quotes from Season 3 so far

The midseason premiere of The Flash is just around the corner which is why this the perfect time to rehash some of this season’s best moments up to this point. The season started off with a big-time WHOA! by giving us Flashpoint. That one dash through time changed so much in The Flash’s life and the many lives tangential to his. Although much of it appeared to be for the better in Barry’s eyes, the grim reality of tap dancing with the timeline soon became apparent. As a result, he tried to set things right by reversing what he changed in the first place. And Yippy Skippy! It worked!

Even though Barry’s attempt to fix things didn’t … well … fix things, it has definitely provided for some great drama. The powers-that-be behind this shows production nail it week to week in so many ways. One of the greatest assets to the show is its character interactions solidified in every episode by awesome dialogue. Here are some examples of dialogue that strengthens those relationships and keep us coming back for more:

You totally screwed us, Flash.

When Caitlin’s inner-meta emerged as Killer Frost, she wasn’t the least bit shy about calling Barry on all of his sh!t.

“You keep messing with everyone’s lives, wrecking everything! And we’re left behind to pick up the pieces from your mistakes. Some things you break can’t be put back together.”

“I can fix this.”

“Oh? Like you fixed Cisco’s family? You didn’t tell Cisco that you screwed him worst of all, did you? You hear that, Cisco? Dante was alive, healthy and happy until Barry created Flashpoint.”

This is one of my favorite quotes because Killer Frost puts into words the thoughts that everyone around Barry has been bouncing around in their heads but not voicing out loud. The downside to this diatribe is that it drives the wedge between Cisco and Barry even deeper. Barry and Cisco’s friendship is one of the best dynamics on the show. It breaks my heart that even though the fences may be on the mend, the relationship will never be what it once was.

There’s always hope.

“Barry’s superpower isn’t speed. It’s hope.” —HR Wells

I love this quote because it truly encapsulates the essence of Barry Allen. His famous last words, “Everything is going to be ok. I promise.” aren’t just words he spouts to abates his friends’ fears. Barry truly believes what he is saying. He loves being a superhero because it’s cool and he’s super fast, but mostly he loves it because it gives him the power to help people. He clings to the hope that he can make his corner of the world a better place while setting right the wrongs he put into motion as a result of his impulsive choices.

Forgive yourself, Barry.

“I was always too good at forgiving  myself, Allen. You were never good enough.” — Harry Wells

There are a couple of reasons I love this one. It comes from my favorite version of wells (so far), and it shows humility on his part in that he is owning his past mistakes. He is also telling Barry that he understands and accepts Barry, mistakes and all. Most importantly, this is Barry’s mentor telling him that everyone messes up and it’s important, as well as necessary, for Barry to forgive himself in order to move forward. This statement echoed the same sentiment made by Jay Garrick, who actually stopped Barry from attempting to alter the timeline yet again. Although a number of people tried to urge Barry to accept his mistakes and move on, Barry didn’t truly forgive himself until Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow, spoke on the subject. Barry hasn’t always agreed with Oliver’s tactics, but he has always looked up to him and sought him out for guidance. That’s why this quote struck a resounding chord with The Flash:

“You’ve got to stop beating yourself up over this … . Barry, you made a choice. You wanted to see your parents alive again. Do you honestly know anyone that, if they were in your shoes, wouldn’t do the exact same thing. I would do the exact same thing. ” — Oliver Queen

Oliver made a good point very clear. Who wouldn’t use every weapon in his arsenal to try to save the ones he loved? Let’s just hope that Barry has learned once and for all that the choices he makes as The Flash have global effects.

These are just a sampling of the great quotes from season three so far. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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