‘Kings of Con’ recap: 1×08 “Plano, TX”

Kings of Con treated us to yet another hilarious episode this Tuesday. Surprisingly, this episode doesn’t take place in a convention: our setting is the hotel in Plano, Texas. So let’s jump right in!

The recap

We find Rich and Rob checking into a rather fancy hotel only to find that the convention-runner, Lyle (played by Ron Livingston) is also there as well. Rob is determined–but nervous–to talk to Lyle about “a bump in respect. Or maybe a raise.”

While Rob tries to stop worrying about talking to Lyle, Rich and Chip (Supernatural alum Gil McKinney) run into an enthusiastic fan named Mary Helen . The best way to describe her mannerisms is: the crazy aunt that we all want and then regret having. She invites the men to a party in her hotel room later. Rich, thinking he might get lucky, accepts.

Rob tells Rich and Chip that he’s going to go to the spa in the hotel in order to de-stress, but soon finds himself in the sauna with Lyle. In the meantime, Rich and Chip show up to the “party”. Why the quotation marks? It’s a 16th birthday party for Mary Helen’s daughter. Yeah.

These set-ups lead to some of the funniest scenes of Kings of Con so far, and that’s saying something. From Rob’s awkward encounter with Lyle to Rich’s misunderstanding of Mary Helen’s intentions (and his run-in with her husband, played by Michael Cudlitz), the hilarity from Kings of Con continues in Plano.

The takeaways

Some of the best quotes from this episode:

  • “Captain Lamo of the S.S. Suckball”
  • Lyle, to a very uncomfortable Rob: “Breathe with me.”
  • A girl at the party, to Chip: “I started watching in season nine. You were dead.”
  • “Lessons were learned. Pants were put back on.”

The success of this episode just goes to show that the Kings of Con don’t always need a scene in a Con to be laugh-out-loud funny. Each episode brings something new to the table, and the variety of humor is well-showcased in this episode. The miscommunication between Mary Helen and Rich, along with Rob’s anxiety of being trapped in a sauna with Lyle, make this one of the funniest episodes so far. Even minor characters like Chip get hilarious lines and a chance for the actor (and character) to shine. This show continues to surprise me, and I can’t wait to see what next week holds!


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