‘Shadowhunters’ recap: 2×01 “This Guilty Blood”

Shadowhunters recap: Season 2, Episode 1, “This Guilty Blood,” Aired Jan. 2, 2017

It’s finally here! After months of waiting, Shadowhunters has returned to television with its Season 2 premiere. I can honestly say that I’ve been counting the days until these characters appeared on my screen again, and although it wasn’t my favorite episode (will anything ever beat “Malec”???) it definitely did not disappoint. So let’s do this recap a little differently and find out what some of our mains were up to when they made their big Season 2 debut.


Clary played a lot of different roles throughout the premiere. Her first priority is saving Jace (who she recently discovered is her brother – yikes!) and finding a way to get to him and Valentine. The Institution twists Clary’s statements declaring Jace a traitor, and she is put on lockdown along with her mother.

Clary’s never been one to follow the rules and after disguising herself she sneaks out to find Jace. Luke lets her mom know of Clary’s whereabouts, and Jocelyn locks her along with Simon in a shed. The two break out just in time to track down Clary’s mom and find her shooting arrows at Jace. Needless to say Clary was not happy, and Jace and Valentine run through a portal before Jocelyn can cause anymore damage.

Alec (+ Magnus)

Magnus and Alecs’ story went hand in hand this episode. Most of Magnus’ screen time involved Alec so while I tried, it was impossible to write about the two separately. I love Malec for sure and their scenes had me squealing at my tv, but I’m also hoping that Magnus gets a storyline outside of Alec this season. He’s such a great character and I’d love to see him interact more with everyone in the group.

Alec spent most of his time trying to find a way to save Jace. Jace is his best friend as well as his Parabatai, so if Jace dies a part of Alec dies too. Magnus did his best to comfort Alec, but Alec lashes out at him despite Magnus’ obvious desire to help. In an adorable scene towards the end of the episode, Alec goes to Magnus and apologizes for the way he acted. Magnus of course forgives him, and goes on to help Alec track down Jace.


Jace is reunited with Valentine, but I wouldn’t exactly say he’s happy for the father-son bonding opportunity. After being tortured, Jace learns that Valentine experimented on him while he was still in his mother’s womb and injected him with demon blood. The demon blood makes him stronger and faster than the average Shadowhunter, but it also has some negative side effects. Nothing too extreme just you know…the urge to kill everyone. I’m definitely interested to see how Jace comes out of this one.


Simon has a nice talk with Luke who tries to convince him to be bold and tell Clary how he really feels about her. While I personally like them better as friends (the Sizzy feels are too strong), there’s no denying that Simon has always loved Clary. I’m interested to see if they take this in the same direction that they did in the books or if they decide to go a different route.

Luke gives him a place to stay, but not everyone is keen on the idea and poor Simon is kicked out and forced to sleep in the shed. When Simon and Clary are both locked inside later in the episode, he comes super close to revealing his true feelings but is abruptly cut off. Better luck next time Simon!


Like Clary and Alec, Izzy’s main goal was to find Jace. As usual, Isabelle offered a helping hand wherever it was needed. After Alec discovers where Jace is, Isabelle and her brother are detained in the Institution and prevented from going after him. While she doesn’t play too big of a role in the overall plot of the episode, Izzy’s training scene with Clary alone made up for her lack of screen time.

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