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Star Wars Theory Series Part 7: What the fans need in ‘Episode VIII’

In week seven of our Star Wars Theory Series, we’re talking all things Episode VIII! Liz and her co-star (and brother!) Pat break down what the fans deserve from the second installment of the new continuation of the franchise — especially after the success of Rogue One.

In this podcast, we discuss:

-How many more films we need to wrap up the Skywalker storyline;

-What Rey’s purpose is;

-Why we need more lightsaber battles AND force ghosts;

-Why a villain like Darth Maul would be badass (not actually Maul, but a character like him!)

-If there will be other Jedi in Episode VIII. Hey, Luke was training Ben Solo and others — it’s possible!

-We also say goodbye to Carrie Fisher. See below for charities you can donate to in her honor.

Listen here:

Honor Carrie Fisher:

As the world knows, we lost Carrie Fisher to a heart attack over the holiday. Her mother, famed actress Debbie Reynolds passed away a day later. What a heartbreaking week. Carrie was a major advocate for mental health awareness, so we’ve collected the following charities you can donate to in her honor:

Alzheimer’s Assocation

Make-A-Wish International

The Midnight Mission

The Humanist Hub (Carrie was honored with their Lifetime Achievement Award)

International Bipolar Foundation

Listen to Star Wars Theory Series Parts 1-6 here, and subscribe to our SoundCloud.


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