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‘Teen Wolf’: The evolution of Stydia

Six seasons of stydia!

The evolution of Stiles and Lydia’s relationship has been just that, an evolution. They evolved and grew from a very one-sided, nonexistent relationship to where they are now. With Teen Wolf coming to a close, let’s look back at the relationship’s growth over the course of the six seasons.

Brace yourselves for some feels, ya’ll.

Season 1


In Season 1, it was pretty clear that Lydia, the school’s Queen B, had no idea who Stiles was. Stiles, on the other hand, had been crushing on Lydia for years. After Allison and Lydia struck up a fast friendship and Scott started dating Allison, Stiles and Lydia started to spend more time together.

Things really took a turn when Allison convinced Lydia to be Stiles’ date to the Winter Formal dance. Stiles called Lydia out for acting like a ditz when she was, in fact, a literal genius. And then they danced together and it was adorable. When the Alpha had Lydia out on the football field, Stiles was ready to give his life to save hers and that’s when we really saw the scope of his devotion to her.

Season 2


After Lydia’s bite, she went missing and things got weird for her. Her banshee powers were starting to show with Peter Hale’s ability to control her and her visions. That was when Stiles and Lydia really started to get closer. Lydia started to see Stiles as a friend, and his feelings for her remained steady.

They went ice skating and it was super cute (until she started seeing dead Peter under the ice). It was really the end of season 2 that marked a change in their dynamic. With the Lacrosse team down some players, Stiles was put in the game! Lydia, who had never really cared much, cheered for Stiles, and it brought a huge smile to his face.

Stiles didn’t hide his feelings for Lydia, and they ended the season in a good place.

Season 3


In season 3, these two really started to bond. It was clear that Stiles still had a thing for her, and you saw Lydia start to lean on Stiles more and more as she started to embrace her powers. In 3A, they shared their first kiss. Stiles was having a panic attack, and to help him hold his breath, Lydia kissed him.

It has been said by some that she only kissed him to stop the attack, and while that may be true, there is no denying that there was a spark in that kiss that surprised Lydia. The music and the looks on their faces further cemented the impact of that moment on the fandom.

When it came time to save the parents from the ritual sacrifice, it was Lydia who served as Stiles’ anchor because of their obvious bond. In 3b, Lydia refused to give up on Stiles as they fought to save him from the evil fox spirit that possessed him. They ended the season with a lot of loss and they both sought comfort in each other.

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Season 4


This was the season that Lydia really came into her powers. The dead-pool was a threat to most of the gang, and because of her powers, Lydia was charged with cracking the codes. He was there to comfort her after Meredith’s death, and he nearly lost his mind when they were locked in Eichen House together, being threatened. Stiles would have gladly given his life to save her in that moment, and although it wasn’t a Stydia heavy season, that was a powerful moment between them.

Season 5


In season 5, Lydia was in Eichen House for quite a while and Stiles was sort of isolated from the group.  It wasn’t until later in the season that we really saw them reunite. Stiles came up with a plan to bust her out of Eichen. Lydia told him to leave or he would die, but Stiles refused, even with the whole “banshee death warning” thing.

He got her out and she was okay! The look they exchanged after was a game-changer. Stiles has proven time and time again that he will stop at nothing to protect Lydia.

Season 6


The start of Season 6 gave us a giant serving of Stydia love! In the first episode, Stiles was taken by the Ghost Riders, but before he was, he told Lydia to remember him. And then he said, “I love you,” and our hearts crumbled! He was taken, and not long after, Lydia and her friends started to realize that he was missing.

Lydia even said that she thought she may have loved him. (Awww!) After more digging, Lydia figured out that it was Stiles and spent the first chunk of Season 6 trying to figure out how to save him. Even though her friends started to lose hope, Lydia never did. In Episode 5, Stiles and Lydia connected via radio, and Lydia remembered what Stiles said before he was taken. (Swoon!)

Lydia never stops trying to save Stiles, and her devotion pays off! Lydia (with the help of Scott and Malia) manages to make a portal allowing Stiles to escape the Ghost Riders. Their reunion is one for the books! Teen Wolf may be over, but our Stydia love will live on forever!


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