10 Christmas horror movies to watch during the holiday season

Ahhh, Christmas… A time for goodwill towards men, presents, and snow. But, we mustn’t forget horror movies. Below, we have 10 Christmas horror movies that are worth a watch. Check them out!

  1. A Christmas Horror StoryThis movie is about a skinny Santa Claus (Krampus), a group of kids, and two families. While this movie is slow to start and can be a little confusing, it has a great ending. This one is a must-see! This title is available on Netflix.
    A Christmas Horror Story
    via Copperheart Entertainment
  2. Black Christmas (1974): This film was made in Canada and released both there and America. A killer returns home to find that his house is now a sorority house. Doing what he does best, he kills its occupants. Strange phone calls and homicides during Christmas — just what they wanted. This film is great because it used the phone as part of the killings before Scream did.
    Black Christmas
    via Warner Brothers
  3. Gremlins: This classic features Gizmo and some Gremlins. A father buys a small boy a cute furry creature for Christmas with the warning not to feed it after midnight, no water and no bright lights. Of course, the warnings are not headed, and the killings begin. I love this movie because of the furry mogwais. This film is available on Amazon Video and DVD.
    via Warner Brothers
  4. Jack Frost (1997): Now, this movie is a weird one. It’s about a criminal who is executed for his crimes and comes back as a homicidal snowman. This film is a must-watch because of the snowman killer. While whimsical, I feel it was a good and entertaining watch. It’s is available on Amazon Video and DVD.
    Jack Frost
    via Image Entertainment
  5. Feeders 2: Slay Bells: If you like aliens and the sci-fi genre, this film is for you. In it, aliens pick to invade Earth on Christmas. It’s up to Santa to save the Earth from them. This movie is a great watch, and while corny sounding, the premises of Santa saving the planet is very cool! This movie is available on DVD.
    Feeders 2
    via Sub Rosa Studios
  6. Santa Claws: A deranged man thinking that he’s Santa Claus develops an obsession with an erotic horror film star named Raven and begins stalking her. This movie is great because of the Cosplay killer. It’s available on DVD.
    Santa Claws
    via Shock-O-Rama Cinema
  7. Silent Night, Bloody Night: Now, this film fits the Scooby-Doo type of movie — think investigating a haunted mansion. A man inherits a mansion which was once a mental institution. He decides to visit the mansion and begins to investigate some crimes that happened in past times, scaring the people living in the region. This movie is available on DVD.
    Silent Night, Bloody Night
    via Cannon Releasing Corp
  8. Silent Night, Zombie Night: This next film is about, you guessed it, zombies. On the week before Christmas, a viral outbreak hits a city and turns the citizens of Los Angeles into zombies. This movie is a great watch because of the zombie theme. It’s available on Amazon Video.
    Silent Night Zombie Night
    Pacific Entertainment Corporation / Genius Brands
  9. Silent Night (2012): This film is another Santa cosplay film. A police force in a small town searches for a killer dressed as Santa Claus who is committing homicides on Christmas Eve. This movie is available on Amazon video and DVD.
    Silent Night (2012)
    via Anchor Bay Entertainment
  10. Christmas Evil: A man who was mentally abused and scarred as a child finds out that Santa isn’t real. After being bullied and teased, he has a mental breakdown and goes on a homicidal rampage. This movie is available on Amazon Video and DVD.
    Christmas Evil
    via Vinegar Syndrome

    Out of all of these, my personal favorite is A Christmas Horror Story. What’s your favorite Christmas horror movie? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

(Featured Image via Anchor Bay Entertainment)


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