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12 perfect ‘Doctor Who’ gifts for the Whovian in your life

Looking for Doctor Who gifts for the Whovian in your life? We’ve got you covered. These Doctor Who gifts are sure to please the Time Lord, Time Lady or variations thereupon in your life. Allons-y!

1. Her Universe TARDIS dress – $24 – $40

Your Doctor Who fan can travel through space and time (and holiday parties) while sporting this eye-catching TARDIS dress.

2. Fourth Doctor’s scarf – $30

If your Doctor Who fan appreciates the classics, consider getting them the Fourth Doctor’s iconic scarf.

3. TARDIS teapot -$25

Doctor Who is as British as a cup of tea. Now, Doctor Who fans can enjoy the two together with this TARDIS-shaped ceramic teapot.

4. A Time Lord’s pocket watch – $19

No aspiring Time Lord, Time Lady, or variations thereupon should be without a pocket watch. Any Doctor Who fan can become a master of time with this replica of the Master’s pocket watch.

5. Unofficial ‘Doctor Who’ cookbook – $19

This Doctor Who cookbook is perfect for the Doctor Who fan who likes to host parties. Packed with great recipes for a Whovian themed get-together, fans can delight their friends with fish stick custard tacos and Dalek Ironside Open-faced Sandwiches.

6. ‘Doctor Who’ ugly Christmas sweater -$20

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are here to stay. This sweater features some Doctor Who favorites like the Daleks and the Cyberman and even has a nifty bowtie à la the Eleventh Doctor making it perfect for festive and formal functions alike.

7. TARDIS arm warmers – $15

These arm warmers make great stocking stuffers and will keep your Doctor Who fan warm as they trek through space and time.

8. A sonic screwdriver – $17

Every Doctor Who fan needs a sonic screwdriver. This replica of the Tenth Doctor’s screwdriver lights up and is programmed with sound effects from the show.

9. Talking Dalek plush – $18

The Daleks, one of the Doctor’s oldest and most dangerous rivals, now come in a cuddly plush form! Give this talking Dalek plush a big hug and experience the peace, love, and joy of the holidays as it yells, “Exterminate!”

10. Time Lord fairy tales – $11

The holidays are a great time to curl up with a book. This book retells classic fairy tales with a Doctor Who twist.

11. Handmade TARDIS purse – $65

This leather Doctor Who book purse would make a great gift for the time traveler on the go.

12. Weeping angel tree topper – $27

Guests won’t want to take their eyes off this beautifully detailed weeping angel tree topper.

Happy Christmas!

(Image: BBC)


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