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4 possible ways ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 could end

As we all know, The Vampire Diaries is currently on its last and final season ever (*wipes away tears*), which leaves us all wondering: How will the show wrap up its final season? There are endless possibilities on how Julie Plec and her team could end the show, which leaves my brain hurting, trying to figure out exactly what they will do. TVD could end on a happy note, it could be incredibly sad, or tragic even, which should make all fans nervous. Whatever they may do, as long as characters and story lines get good round-offs, I will be satisfied.

Same, Stefan. Same! I’m so not ready to face facts that TVD will be over with soon, and I’m sure you aren’t either.

Let’s now take a look at 4 possible ways TVD season 8 could end:

1. Cade sends all vampires to Hell for eternal damnation — leaving only few of our beloved characters left.

The new current big baddie is known as Cade, who is in fact the King of Hell! We haven’t yet seen Cade’s true potential and what he is really up to, but my guess it will be as bad as himself. What if TVD ended with Cade getting what he truly wants, which is getting as many dark and evil souls sent to Hell for him to collect. He could some how cause all vamps in Mystic Falls to be sent to damnation, leaving only a few characters left.

This would be an incredibly brutal way to end the show, as straight away that would eliminate most of our beloved characters. But, it would also be such a shock that no one would expect, since with most supernatural shows, even death doesn’t always mean permanent death. If their souls are sent to Hell, then the only way out is through Cade. Thoughts on Cade living up to his Devil-self and sending our fav vamps to Hell as a way to end it?

2. They find a loophole to Bonnie and Elena’s “curse” so they both can survive.

Elena and Bonnie’s lives are linked (all thanks to Krazy Kai), which means that as long as Bon-Bon is still alive, Elena will remain in her slumber. The only way for Elena to wake up is for Bonnie to die — which is a fact that I will never be ready to process. However, in the past, TVD have always shown that with every spell, curse, etc., there can be a loophole to reverse the effects.

What if (by magic), they find a way to allow both Bonnie and Elena to survive, ensuring everyone could live happily ever after: Bonnie could get her magic back and go off and start her own coven; Elena could reunite with her love, Damon — and all would be good in the world! Wouldn’t that just be lovely? This is, of course, just too good to be true. When has TVD ever made our lives easy, right?

3. They can’t find a loophole to Bonnie and Elena’s curse — Bonnie tragically dies, and Elena returns.

As stated above, it would just be far too easy for the show to end on such a happy note, so how about if Stefan, Damon, and Co. couldn’t find a loophole for Bonnie and Elena’s curse? This could only go two ways: either Bonnie tragically dies soon, meaning she didn’t get to live a full and happy life (not the option I want *sobs*); or, Bonnie lives until she’s grey and old (hopefully happy — maybe even married to Enzo), and she closes her eyes and dies — and then Elena is awake!

If something similar happens, I hope we at least see a scene of Bonnie and Elena getting to see each other one last time and getting to say goodbye. It would be far too sad if even that didn’t get to happen. With Bonnie sadly dead and Elena awake, we could then get a quick glimpse of Elena getting to live again. Obvi, it has to end with her reading up on all she has missed in the diaries she kept, and then Elena writing in it. Wouldn’t it be nice if she played homage to Bonnie and wrote “Dear Bonnie…” at the start of every diary entry, just to keep her memory alive? BRB, away sobbing my eyes out now!

Let’s discuss what could happen if Elena finally awoke from her slumber:

3.1 When Elena wakes up from her slumber, she has forgotten everything she once knew. OR, she wakes up and decides to walk away from her past life — leaving Mystic Falls and the Salvatore brothers behind.

Wouldn’t this surprise them all? Imagine that, Elena waking up with no memories, and not even the diary entries could be good enough to remind her of her past life — how saddening! Despite this being a sad ending, it would be a good twist. As everyone is so set on it being easy for them to pick up where they left things off with Elena once she wakes up. It definitely would be interesting to see how Damon handled something like that.

Or, even if Elena woke up, what if she just decided that the Mystic Falls life wasn’t a life she wanted anymore. After all, she has lost so many of her loved ones, so it could make sense that she would want to go elsewhere. Therefore, leaving her with no choice to say goodbye to her old life (including the people) forever. Now that would be something fans wouldn’t expect. Could you see her waking up and walking away from the Salvatores?

3.2 Elena wakes up from her slumber and falls back into the arms of Damon Salvatore — leaving them to live happily ever after.

Let’s leave the sad thoughts behind and talk about a happy one. How about if TVD just let something end on a good point and let Elena and Damon have their happily ever after? Wouldn’t that just be the cutest thing? Delena is one of the strongest relation(ships) we have seen from the show, so it would only be right to see the pair reunited one last time. Agreed?

3.3 Elena wakes up from her slumber, but doesn’t want Damon, only Stefan — thanks to Elena’s doppelgänger fate calling her back to Stef.

Oh-to-the-em-to-the-gee with this idea! Everyone assumes that Elena would jump back into the arms with Damon, but what if she doesn’t and it’s Stefan she wants? This would allow the show to go full circle — returning the, once highly talked about, “epic love” back to our screens again. No one would expect it, not even Stefan himself.

If this happened, this could leave things open for Caroline. Meaning, she might flee to New Orleans and then her and Klaus could live happily ever after. The only issue with this idea, is that poor Damon would be left alone, but wait — what if Katherine returned from Hell (let’s face it, her soul was most likely sent there for Cade), and she reunites with Damon? Therefore, all would be happy — yay!

4. Elena returns as Katherine Pierce: When the curse is broken, she gets sent to the past and finds herself waking up as Katherine.

This wasn’t my idea, but when I read it, I couldn’t not put it in. Imagine that Katherine Pierce was actually just Elena’s future self who was sent back to the past? But she couldn’t ever say it, or it would have ruined the timeline that we now know. This could explain how Kat fell in love with both Salvatore brothers, how she turned them both into vampires, how she was so good at pretending to be Elena, how she was always one step ahead — and SO much more.

Her personality could have formed due to the fact that no matter what she did, she could not return to the future and had to just live through the past and catch up eventually. Crazy idea, right? Despite Katherine maybe wanting to change some things that have happened, she could have potentially found out the hard way with what happens when you alter the past — as it always affects the future timeline you once knew (yup, taking points from The Flash here.) This may be an insane way to end the show, but wouldn’t it not be a total mind blowing way to do so? This would ensure we get to see Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert back again before it ended — so bonus points for this ending!

How do you think The Vampire Diaries season 8 could end? Share all your thoughts, feelings, and predictions in the comment section below. And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all TVD news and posts here!

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The Vampire Diaries returns Friday, Jan. 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

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