Laurel Lance and her dynamic relationships on ‘Arrow’

Arrow’s mid-season finale left my Laurel loving heart as confused as ever. While I find it unlikely that the Black Canary is actually making a full return, I can’t help but hope that I’m wrong. The world needs Laurel Lance! Dead or alive, Laurel touched the hearts of almost every character on the show. So let’s take a look back at some of what we think are the most dynamic Laurel Lance relationships!

Sara Lance

Laurel and Sara are two people that bring an even deeper meaning to the word “sisters”. Despite losing each other time and time again, they always seem to find their way back. No matter what problems they faced, the Lance sisters have always been each other’s biggest fans and confidants. It’s become clear throughout the series, that these two will always be number one in each other’s lives.

Quentin Lance

To me, Laurel and her dad have always had one of the deepest relationships on the show. Despite having their fair share of disagreements, it was always rooted in their love for each other and their commitment to keeping the other safe. Laurel was the only thing that made life worth living for Lance after Sara’s supposed death. Like Quentin said himself, “she’s my rock.”

Tommy Merlyn

Tommy and Laurel were probably one of my favorite romances on Arrow. The moment Tommy said “Dinah Laurel Lance…always trying to save the world,” I was shipping Merlance like there was no tomorrow. Tommy’s love for Laurel was so strong that despite having his heart broken by her, he sacraficed his own life for Laurel’s in the Glades.

Oliver Queen

Oliver and Laurel may have had a complicated relationship as far as romance goes, but they were always one of the most important people in each other’s lives. It was the thought of Laurel and his desire to make it back to her, that kept Oliver fighting to stay alive on Lian Yu. Whether it be as friends or as more, it’s become clear to me that these two have always loved each other on a pretty deep level.

Felicity Smoak

Laurel’s friendship with Felicity was something I always hoped Arrow would explore more. I loved that the writers didn’t make things weird between them despite them both having serious relationships with Oliver. Instead, Laurel and Felicity always offered each other nothing but love and support wherever it was needed. Despite not having as many scenes as I would have liked, they are easily one of my favorite friendships on the show.

Thea Queen

I always felt like Laurel was the big sister Thea never had. Their relationship noticeably grew and progressed throughout the series as they started spending more time together and really getting to know each other outside of Oliver. Thea even started going to Laurel for advice about her problems, and Laurel was always there to lend a helping hand. When they both officially joined Team Arrow, Laurel and Thea always made sure to look out for each other on the battlefield. The bond between these two is irreplaceable.

John Diggle

Laurel always offered love and support to anyone who needed it, and Diggle was no exception. Whenever Diggle needed advice or just someone to talk to, Laurel was always there for him. Diggle even went as far as naming his daughter Sara after Laurel’s sister, something that really touched her heart. I think it’s safe to say that if Laurel is indeed alive, these two will always be there for each other no matter what.

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