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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×05 “Radio Silence”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 5, “Radio Silence,” Aired Dec. 13, 2016

All aboard!!!! Let’s dive right in!

Crazy train! We open on a creepy train station! Everyone is sitting and waiting, including that doctor that was in class next to Lydia before. They keep panning over, and it’s STILES! It is so good to see you, old buddy!!! Anyway, so they are all waiting for a train, but when Stiles starts to ask questions, nobody remembers how long they have been there or where they are going on the train. Everyone gets up to go to the train, but it’s really just the Ghost Riders bringing in their next victim. Our sweet baby Stiles is almost hit by one, but someone grabs him, and it’s PETER HALE — the creepiest uncle in Beacon Hills. Yay!


Reunion. Stiles is like, ‘bro, how did you get out of Eichen?’ At first, Peter tells Stiles to leave him alone because he is waiting for his train but then Peter starts to realize something is up. Peter tells Stiles how he left Eichen House when the power went out during the lock-down and he walked out, three months ago (when they saved Lydia)!!! He is pissed that nobody came looking for him, because of course he is! Once Peter realizes what they are up against, he works with Stiles and some random dude from the station. Everyone else is comatose. They look at the exit and see a gaping black hole, but once they go into it, it’s just a hallway.

Back in Beacon Hills, Lydia is in class and sees someone is towing Stile’s jeep. She rushes out to stop them, unsure why, and Scott follows. They bribe the tow truck driver into letting it go.


Hello from the other side! Back in the phantom train station, the creepy stranger is looking for a way out and decides that he is going to get out by jumping on one of the Ghost Rider’s backs. It does not go according to his plan, and he is zapped to ash. Yikes. Stiles and Peter go back to the drawing board. They hear another announcement on the P.A. system, and Stiles gets an idea to use the ham radio! (Hello Frequency!) Peter fiddles with the dial, and Scott, Malia, and Lydia can all hear it coming from inside the Jeep!!!


Sob! They all heard the noise, so they hop into the Jeep and look for clues. Scott says the Jeep smells like them! Malia says Stiles never existed and they should just let it go. (Come on, Malia!) Lydia says she knows that he did. Scott decides to stay neutral, and then Lydia finds a registration in the glove box with the Stilinksi address on it!!!! She goes over there, but they said the Jeep was stolen over 18 years ago. Lydia is crushed and goes to the same spot where she peeled the wallpaper and sits against it. And on the other side is Stiles! OMG. My heart.

Run. At the station, The Ghost Riders make another drop. It’s GWEN! Peter says he is leaving and that he can make it through the portal thingy. Stiles asks him to find his friends, and Peter says he may or may not try. Stiles asks him about Malia and Peter remembers back to when Eichen was on lock-down (when they busted Lydia out) and he caught Malia’s scent. Stiles says that Peter is only trying to escape for Malia, and Peter doesn’t argue. Peter makes it out and takes Stiles’ Jeep keys with him.


Stiles? Malia and Scott hear the roar of a charred and burnt Peter. Malia remembers him as her dad and then Scott gets a flood of memories of his Alpha. They take his pain long enough for him to give Malia the keys.

Stiles sneaks back into the room with the radio as Lydia and Scott get into the Jeep and turn it on. They hear him (OMG), and judging by the rush of emotion on their faces, it seems like the memories of Stiles came rushing back. Scott has tears in his eyes, and Stiles asks Lydia if she remembers what he said. She does. (SOB!) Then Stiles asks if she is okay. Only Stiles would ask if she is okay. Stiles tells them to find Canaan before he fades away.

Teen Wolf fandom:


AHHH! What a great episode! There were no other stories, just the Stiles story, and it was such an intense episode. Tell us your thoughts! What did you think?

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