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The top 3 moments from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 midseason finale

The Vampire Diaries midseason finale: Season 8, Episode 7, “The Next Time I hurt Somebody, It Could Be You,” Aired Dec. 9, 2016

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries brought Christmas to our screens early, but it wasn’t at all filled with festive cheer and joy! With time ticking for Stefan and Damon before they had to fall to Cade’s demands, Caroline tried to do her best to make Christmas special before it was too late. However, it did not go as planned.

We saw Damon (yup, Damon is still alive and well) and Sybil turn up to the Salvatore house to cause havoc; Damon killing Stefan so Cade could talk to him; Stefan making a new deal with Cade; The truth coming out over why Matt’s dad left him years ago *sad face*; Caroline giving Damon a “gift” which brought back his humanity; Seline doing good and also helping out the twin’s problem after she psychically linked them; Cute Bonenzo and Steroline moments; And lastly, seeing Damon and Stefan set off on their road trip to Hell… literally!

Let’s break down the top 3 moments from the episode:

#1 Stefan making another deal with Cade to become the Rippah again (for a year) in exchange for he and Damon’s freedom

After Damon kills Stefan and he is sent to a place where Cade can talk to him, Cade uses this time to show Stefan why he is the perfect person for the “job” that has agreed to take on.

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Firstly, Cade takes him back to a time where he slaughtered many people (at Christmas time) and made him relive the moment. Stefan doesn’t remember it fully, but we find out that was all thanks to Seline. When Seline saw the misery in his mind, she thought she would spare him and make him forget about the horrible things he did to all those people. It was at that moment Cade knew he had lost Seline, but he needed Stefan on his team. Secondly, Cade takes Stef back to when he first met Elena.

To hear Stef say “I loved her” was amazing — it’s almost like the show forgot they were even together at a point. Yes, I know, the characters moved on to other people, but I’m simply saying that I liked how they highlighted the fact that Stefan did love her at a point and that they haven’t totally forgot about their “epic love.” However, I have to say, I did not totally agree with Cade’s reasoning as to why he was showing Stefan these moments. Cade thinks that Stefan only brought darkness to Elena for selfish reasons (all because he “had to know her”), and that he should never have walked into her life that day. Personally, I think Stefan and Elena saved each other, at a real time of need. Also, we have to take into consideration about the doppelgängers story line: they were destined to be together, so they were going to be in each others lives whether they liked it or not. Do you think Cade was wrong or right?

The outcome to all this was Stefan coming up with the perfect plan: he will do whatever Cade wants, but only for a year, and then himself and Damon can be free. However, there was an addition to this – Stefan will go back to his old Rippah self, meaning the process of what Cade wants will be done quicker, hence why he only wants to do it for a year. Much to my surprise, Cade agrees. Looks like there is a brand new deal with the Devil! Thoughts on how this will pan out?

#2 Caroline giving Damon Elena’s necklace which sparked back his humanity, leading him to kill Sybil

For the first half of season 8, it seemed as if we may have lost Damon forever, but this proved that this may not actually be the case. Caroline smartly gave Elena’s necklace to Damon as a “gift”, and when Sybil found it and opened it up, the effect it had on Damon was magical! Seeing Elena’s necklace clearly awoke something inside Damon, and it brought back his humanity (which we have all been seriously missing).

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Damon reacted and pulled out Sybil’s heart, all Klaus like, and then snatched back his beloved’s necklace. I was legit screaming at my screen like, “Yass, Damon. Yass!” What. A. Scene. This might have been my all time favorite Damon moment this season! What do you think this means for Damon?

#3 Enzo surprising Bonnie with a trip to Paris, and Bonnie only buying Enzo t-shirts for Christmas

How adorable are these two? I honestly cannot get enough of Bonnie and Enzo. They have had the cutest scenes ever since we found out they were together, and I can’t wait to see more of them two in future episodes. I thought it was hilarious them trading Christmas pressies and we saw Enzo surprising Bon-Bon with a trip to Paris and she only bought him t-shirts – LOL! I, for one, am super happy to finally see Bonnie Bennett being madly in love after all the heartache she had faced in her life. She is one character I truly hope ends on a high note this season.

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Side note: how interesting was it seeing Bonnie being affected with the tuning fork? What does this mean? We know that the twins are also affected, so Bonnie put two-and-two together and thinks since they all are witches then they must be connected. But could there be more to this? I think this might be foreshadowing something more. I hope this is linked to Bonnie somehow getting her magic back – we need our fav witch back to her full potential!

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