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10 surefire ways you know you’re a ‘Sherlock’ fan

How big of a Sherlock fan are you? Maybe you recorded a metal cover of the show’s theme song, or maybe you regularly spend hours scrolling through the martin-freeman-is-a-hedgehog tag on tumblr. Maybe you bought your significant other Sherlock’s Purple Shirt of Sex because that shirt is a gift from the gods.

However your Sherlock love manifests itself, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself doing one of the items listed below.

You used I AM SHERLOCKED as your passcode

Like every other Sherlock fan, immediately after “A Study in Scarlet” aired, you changed your phone passcode to I AM SHERLOCKED. Let’s be honest, it’s still your passcode.

You want (and maybe own) all of the characters’ outfits

Yes, Sherlock boasts amazing writing, a stellar cast, and some innovative directing, but it’s also a very stylish show. Everything from Sherlock’s coat and John’s knitted jumper to Moriarty’s Alexander McQueen skull tie – you want it all. Maybe you’ve even shelled out £1,350.00 for Sherlock’s coat, despite living in a Mediterranean climate where you’ll probably never need said coat.

You’ve modeled your place after 221B Baker Street

Your roommate didn’t mind the skull on the mantelpiece, and they even liked the fleur-de-lis wallpaper, but once you started spray painting smiley faces on the walls and firing bullets at them, they took away your decorating privileges.


You lament the fact that there only three episodes per season

You wish there were more than three episodes, and even though you’re overjoyed when Martin and Benedict land big roles in Hollywood blockbusters, a small part of you gets annoyed because that means you’ll have to wait longer for those precious few episodes.

You regularly quote the show in your conversations

When someone says something you don’t agree with.

When you mention Sherlock at a party and all you get is blank stares.

When you’re waiting for the next season of Sherlock.

You stalk the cast and crew’s twitter accounts

A Sherlock fan’s work is never done, which is why you regularly check the cast and crew’s twitter accounts for hints about the upcoming season and onset antics.

You mine each episode for references to the original series

You love Sherlock, but you also give credit where credit is due – the source material. Every time you catch a homage or reference to the original stories, you give your inner hipster (the one that says, “I liked Sherlock Holmes before it was cool”) a high five. For example, you probably knew that this shot is a recreation of one of Sidney Paget’s original drawings which would appear alongside Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. The image appeared in the first publication of “The Adventure of Silver Blaze” in The Strand magazine.

The theme song makes your heart race

No matter how many times you hear it, every time that hammered dulcimer takes off, you imagine yourself getting swept up in an adventure. Like Sherlock and John, you want to race through the streets of London, chasing down the latest lead. Even if you’re just making a run to the grocery, the song will always make you feel like the game is on.

You try to make deductions like Sherlock

However, you usually manage to make deductions like John.  At least you’re not pulling an Anderson.

You spend every hiatus going further down the Sherlock fandom rabbit hole

Hiatus’ are hard. Especially Sherlock hiatus’ since they can last years, but Sherlock fans find solace in the creativity and camaraderie of the Sherlock community.

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