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‘Van Helsing’ season finale recap: Episode 1×13 “It Begins”

Brad and Cort are back to talk about that mind-blowing  Van Helsing season finale. How about that ending? After a season brimming with twists, we honestly didn’t see those last two coming. Thanks to Dmitri the season finale gave a deeper peek into Vanessa’s past. Our heroine learned quite a few things and finally started to embrace what she truly is. A Van Helsing. Thanks for that Dmitri.  Others facing some hard truths in the episode? Mohamad for one. Poor Mo comes face-to-face with the creature his sister has become. He betrayed Vanessa for Sheema’s sake and he’s dealing with that stain on his soul. What he can’t deal with is the fact that his sister enjoys the comforts of Rebecca’s favor, despite knowing that innocent people were dead because of her actions.

Listen in as Brad and Cort speculate about the episodes twisty revelations. There may be some moments of squeeing over that final moment. So many questions and theories. Be sure to hit the comments after you hit that play button. We want to know what you thought of episode 1×13, “It Begins”.

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Van Helsing airs on Syfy at 10/9c

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