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Star Wars Theory Series Part 5: Will Mace Windu Be In ‘Rogue One’?

MASSIVE thanks to DK New Media for lending us their superb recording studio — which is why this podcast sounds so awesome! Check out their website to see how they bring badass podcasting to life.

In episode 5 (oh, how that pun never gets old) of our Star Wars Theory Series, we break down whether the BMF himself, Samuel L. Jackson, will make an appearance in Rogue One as the infamous purple-lightsaber-wielding Jedi Mace Windu. Joined by guest host and Star Wars uber-fan Jack Pochop, the brother-sister duo geek out over the best theories around the web.

In this podcast, we cover:

-Samuel L. Jackson’s comments on the Snoke theory and why Mace Windu is most definitely alive (plus the badass inscription on his lightsaber;

-The Rebels cameo in the latest Rogue One trailer;

-The crazy theories about the character ties of Rogue One to Episode VII (seriously, these theories are insane, but are ones we haven’t heard before!)

Listen here:

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