10 perfect gifts for the DC Comics obsessed person in your life

So we’ve already covered the best gifts to buy for the Marvel fan in your life at Pure Fandom. It’s only fair if we show the DC fan come love too! DC may not be as popular as its comic book brother, but there are still some great gifts for the guy or gal in your life who prefers Superman to Captain America. Here are a few, in no particular order.

1. DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition ($25)

This Amazon Best Seller holds that distinction for a reason. This awesome coffee book is the ultimate guide to all the characters and worlds the DC Universe has to offer. That includes 1,100 characters from A-Z. I said these gifts were in no particular order, but this may be the Cadillac of DC gifts.

2. DC Comics Periodic Table Of Super Heroes Shirt ($10 – $30)

The only thing a comic book fan likes more than comic books is t-shirts! This one shows off fandom in a way that lets your DC fan walk around with the confidence of Superman and the style of Clark Kent — AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

3. Ombre Character Shot Glasses ($14)

DC fans get this mean, unfair stereotype of being “nerds.” Well, it’s mean anyway. Prove your favorite comic book nerd can still party with this sweet set of shot glasses! Some of our favorite characters are represented by the Suicide Squad, after all.

4. Comic Book Value Pack ($18)

Did your DC follower develop his fandom from TV or movies? If so, this set of 25 comic books could be a great way to keep the interest going strong. It’s like a retro gift for any comic book universe fan!

5. Suicide Squad POP Figure Set ($85)

These POP things are HUGE right now. Also huge right now in the DC Universe is Suicide Squad. This full set of POP figures brings both of those worlds together and makes a great gift for the collector in your life. Also, with a little bit of research, all of these figures are available individually for about $11 a pop (see what I did there!?)

6. Harley Quinn Fleece Pajama Pant ($30 – $35)

Speaking of Suicide Squad being huge, let’s go one level deeper. Harley Quinn (and Margot Robbie) is the star to emerge from that film. A gift of anything Harley is perfect for the female DC fan in your life. These Pajamas are a great example.

7. LEGO Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase ($16)

I can’t tell you how happy I am to find out LEGOs are still cool. This set is a great starter or could stand on its own if that little DC fan has a friend and wants to do some racing. The only decision to make is if he or she wants to be Harley or Batman. No wrong answer.

8. 2017 Vintage DC Comics Calendar ($22)

DC fan or not, everyone needs to know what day it is! This vintage calendar is a great option for the old school fan looking to show off some fandom at the office or in the kitchen.

9. Joker Film Poster ($29)

Welcome to the “If you’re buying Steve a Christmas present, get him this” portion of the program. This 40″ x 53″ vinyl poster is simply perfect. It works on its own as actual art, it shows off fandom, and it has two of the most legendary villain roles of all time on it (NOT talking to you, Jared Leto). If you have a DC fan with some blank space on his wall go get this immediately.

10. Zack Snyder voodoo doll (???)

Alright, I admit it. I couldn’t find this one anywhere on the Internet. Or in a store. But DC fans are passionate. They love their universe, they’re protective of their universe. This HAS to exist somewhere. If not, create it for your favorite DC fan and be their favorite gift-giver of all time!

If you’re looking for badass Marvel gifts instead, we have you covered!

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