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The 10 best ‘The Vampire Diaries’ villains ever

The Vampire Diaries is known for bringing viewers interesting but downright nasty villains every season. Throughout the years, we have seen our beloved characters come face-to-face with baddies we never thought they could ever defeat. We’ve had scary bad guys, but then we have had baddies that we can only describe as pure evil (*cough* Kai Parker *cough*). Despite having evil characters introduced to the show who fail at being bad, mostly, the show never disappoints with the villains.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and re-live the best TVD villains so far:

#10 Markos and the Travelers

You may have forgotten about Markos and the Travelers, but they were the bad guys in season 5 of TVD. After Katherine Pierce’s death, they became the main antagonists of the show. Markos was a witch and leader of the Travelers whose main purpose was to steal magic, body jump, and take over Mystic Falls. He also was responsible for bringing the doppelgängers together again, century after century — Silas and Amara and then the attempt at Elena and Stefan. There was a lot of hype at first about Markos and the Travelers, but overall, they weren’t as evil as they could have potentially been.

#9 Lily and the Heretics

The addition of Lily Salvatore and her family of Heretics to TVD in season 7 was a great idea! It allowed the writers to focus on brand new characters with brand new powers, which in turn, filled the gap of what would seem missing after Nina Dobrev’s departure from the show. What’s not to love about a group of half vampires/half witches, right? Lily and her fam of Heretics did fire up a storm for Caroline, Damon, Stefan and Co., but we have definitely seen worse.

#8 Atticus Shane

Remember Professor Shane? Or, more so, Professor shady? Atticus Shane had a weird AF relationship with Bonnie (to help her get her magic back), but really he just used her and had an ulterior motive all along. Shane’s real agenda was to resurrect his family, but along the way, he caused havoc to get what he wanted and it didn’t matter who he hurt in the process. Soz Prof, but I still haven’t forgiven you for Jeremy’s death (even though he has been resurrected now). Ugh, wasn’t Shane annoying?

#7 Dr. Wes Maxfield

Everyone loves and respects doctors, but definitely not this one: Dr. Wes Maxfield. Back in season 5, we learned about Damon and Enzo’s past with the Augustine club – whom, had tortured for years in order to learn more about vampires and their abilities. Dr. Nasty represented Damon’s past torture as he was part of the Augustine club, and he turned up to continue with the previous work of those before him. Luckily, Damon managed to kill him off (eventually) before too much damage had been done.

#6 Julian

Julian may be a handsome man, but he was a mean and evil baddiewho was introduced in season 7 of TVD. He was Lily’s lover centuries ago, which is why Lily and her Heretics did all that they could to bring back his soul from the Phoenix Stone — a deed done by the badass Rayna Cruz (see #5). Little did we know all the craziness that would arise after Julian’s release from his own personal hell in the Phoenix Stone. Julian went up against Damon and Stefan and was determined to get rid of them so he and Lily could be together. In the end, Stefan got his revenge on Julian (who killed he and Val’s unborn child) and permanently put him down forever.

#5 The Huntress

Yet another baddie brought to our screens in season 7 was the Huntress aka Rayna Cruz. The Huntress was foreshadowed for a while before we were formerly introduced to her, and when we were, it was certainly not a disappointment! The Huntress’ storyline allowed the writers to explore new mythology and bring to life another kick-ass strong woman to the show. Despite Rayna being very hate-able since she dedicated her life to hunting down all vamps who had been ‘marked’ by her, her character was in fact one of my favorites from season 7!

#4 Silas

Just as we thought we couldn’t get any more doppelgängers on the show, Silas was introduced. Silas was one of the world’s first immortal beings, along with his one true love, Amara (the oldest known ancestor of the Petrova bloodline). Despite Silas’ entry to the show causing major shock, he basically was more focused on being reunited with Amara (due to the doppelgänger fate) than actually doing much else. However, Silas did prove his villain title with things like brutally killing Bonnie’s father and then making a knock-knock joke about it. Cruel much?

#3 Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce (also known as Katerina Petrova) is one badass female who will forever be remembered from her time on the show. Kat was fun, feisty, and fierce, and she always had all eyes on her wherever she went. She may not have been the oldest vamp around, but Kat still managed to make one heck of an impression in Mystic Falls, along with twisting the knife into two brothers hearts. She pitted them against one another while they also competed for another girl’s heart — Elena. I do have to say that Kat’s presence on TVD outshone many other characters, and without her, the show would have been boring as hell! #BringBackKatPierce!

#2 Klaus Mikaelson and the Originals fam

Season 3 of TVD was my all time fav season ever, and there was a very good reason for that — the introduction of Klaus Mikaelson and the Originals family. The Originals (as their name suggests) are the original vampires, meaning they are the strongest and most powerful of them all. As soon as they arrived to Mystic Falls, they were constantly causing trouble between Elena, the Salvatores, and everyone else they could possibly upset. Even their parents, Esther and Mikael, were horrid beings who were also great villains on the show.

Klaus was the all-mighty evil being who everyone feared just by hearing his name, and  he didn’t disappoint during his time as the main antagonist in season 3 of TVD. Since Klaus and the Originals brought new meaning to the word villain, they even got their own spin-off show for being that good. Here’s hoping for more crossovers in both TVD and The Originals before the former ends forever.

#1 Kai Parker

Kai Parker is as evil as the villains of TVD can get. We were first introduced to Kai after Bonnie and Damon were accidentally sent to his 1994 purgatory aka, Kai-atory! The mysterious character of Kai soon became apparent. We quickly learned he was a crazy AF sociopath who murdered his siblings in order to get more power. Kai was brutal, unpredictable, powerful, and emotionless. He also showed no remorse, meaning there was simply no good left in him which made him one of the most epic villains of all time. Oh, Kai Parker, you very much deserve the number one spot of TVD‘s best villains!

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