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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×04 “Relic”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 4, “Relic,” Aired Dec. 6, 2016

Worst first date ever. We open with our valiant and amazing Mr. Argent. He is out hunting something spooky in the woods when he is joined by Melissa McCall. (YAY!) She is armed with a stun gun and some band-aids. They find some dead folks and they see something moving through the trees. It’s Malia! Chris clips her to take her down and they bring her to the morgue to dig the bullet out. Malia wasn’t out killing, she was just running and smelled the blood. Girlfriend then proceeds to dig the bullet out of her leg and then hands it to Chris like a motherf*cking bad-ass.

Plans. Scott and his peeps check out the lightning char mark on the ceiling and decide that it’s how the Ghost Riders got into Scott’s house. Now that everyone from the party is marked, they need to figure out how to keep them safe. Liam and Mason don’t really agree on a plan to defeat the Ghost Riders. Liam wants to attract the Ghost Riders to fight them. Mason wants to hide the party peeps under ground until the storm passes. They go with Mason’s plan, but now they have to get everyone from the party to agree which is going to be super difficult.

Relics. Remember that kid that was taken in the library and they found his card? Lydia says it’s a relic, and they think that if they can find a relic of Stiles, they can bring him back. Lydia wants to search Mr. Stilinski’s house for a Stiles relic. Mr. Stilinski agrees and seems to be on board with the plan. He tells her that, the night before, he stubbed his toe on a baseball bat and yelled out a name. That name? STILES! We are getting closer….

Hide the marked. In the Argent bunker, they realize they are missing a few of the party people. Scott, Liam, Mason, and Corey realize that the missing kids are at the Lacrosse game, and they decide to risk their lives to go get them. Everyone is already on the field, so Scott, Liam, and Corey suit up and play the game.

Lydia looks for Stiles. At the Stilinksi house, Lydia is looking around. She goes to the spot where the old woman from the last episode walked to and starts peeling the wallpaper! Claudia is like WTAF and tells her to leave. Can’t say I blame her there. Lydia chats with her mom about it and they feel that something is off about Claudia.

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Bunker babysitter. Chris Argent calls Malia to watch the party kids, but Malia resists saying that coyotes eat their young. (LOVE HER!) Chris says that she isn’t a monster and that he wants to help her with her control because maybe if he had stepped in years ago and helped Kate, she wouldn’t have turned out so horrible. Malia agrees to stay, but one of the kids breaks out. Chris says that if he gets out, it will break the mountain ash seal. I love that Chris stuck around and treats these kids as his own even though he lost his daughter to this madness. Chris Argent is the best!

Thunder rolls. At the game, everyone is getting really aggressive. Scott thinks that the wild hunt is making everyone lash out. Mason has a realization that Parrish can keep them all safe. Before Parrish can get there, the Ghost Riders show up and take one of them and drag him behind the horse. Then, there is a bunch of slow-motion rain running, ya’ll. The Ghost Riders are snatching a bunch of souls, not just the party kids. Parrish is a black dog/Hell Hound, and his connection with the Ghost Riders isn’t super known yet, but he isn’t zapped away when a Ghost Rider shoots him with the green smoke gun, so that’s something. AND Scott can see them without Corey. He is marked!

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Claudia. Something is up with her for sure. After hearing Lydia explain everything about the Stiles situation, her mom takes her to the hospital to check out Claudia’s medical records. They see that she had front temporal dementia and Melissa says she is shocked she is still alive. Hmmm.

Whoa. Nathan leaves the bunker, and the second he does, the Ghost Riders take him and jump down into the bunker. HOLY SH*T! And everyone is taken. Literally everyone. Everyone on the field and in the bunker is gone. Scott and Liam are super bummed, but Coach sees Liam’s passion and makes him team captain. Liam has a renewed determination and wants to catch a Ghost Rider. We are left sensing a little Alpha vibe from Liam now. Very cool.

Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV

Jeep! In the hospital, Chris is hurt, but don’t worry! Chris has Melissa there to hold his hand (SWOON)! Malia and Scott think they need to stop looking for Stiles because they are losing the fight against the Ghost Riders, and Lydia refuses to give up. That’s our girl. She is like HELLLL no. Lydia knows that there is something that Stiles left behind… and guess what’s sitting in the parking lot? It’s Stiles’ jeep! OMG! A Stiles relic!

(Us after seeing Stiles’ jeep):

How do you think Lydia will find Stiles? If Liam and the newbies catch a Ghost Rider, will that be the key to getting everyone back? And is everyone marked now? They all saw the Ghost Riders. AHHH! Tell us your thoughts!

Looks like we will get to see Stiles in the next episode!

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