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5 reasons why Caroline Forbes should go to ‘The Originals’

With The Vampire Diaries ending vast approaching, we’re thinking about the futures of the beloved character we have followed and loved for many years. Luckily, TVD fans still have spin-off show The Originals to help hold onto the supernatural world we have known since 2009.

Wouldn’t it be amazing though if we got more cross-over episodes before TVD ends? But, wouldn’t it be even more amazing if we got guest features from the TVD cast in The Originals even after TVD ends? My first thought goes to Caroline Forbes. With Caroline’s connections with Klaus, I think she would be a perfect fit to move to NOLA and join The Originals cast. Don’t you agree?

Here are 5 reasons why Caroline Forbes should go to The Originals:

#1 We need more fierce females on the show.

The latest season of The Originals brought a great loss to many fierce females on the show. With no more Cami, Davina, or Rebekah, we are severely lacking strong female leads. After TVD ends, and if Caroline moves to NOLA, she could solve that very problem. She has already visited the place and knows many of the important people she’d need to be living alongside of. Not to mention, Klaus needs all the people he can get right now. Therefore, it makes total sense for Caroline to join the cast of The Originals.

#2 Klaus needs extra support after the death of Cami.

I cannot deny my love for Cami and Klaus, which is why my heart breaks over the fact that we will never see them together again. These two proved that opposites definitely attract. Their differences worked well together (mostly) and they balanced out perfectly, creating a pair that seemed destined to be forever together. Cami dying will definitely have taken something from Klaus that may never return, which is why he needs support from someone who deeply cares for him (aka, Caroline). Caroline knows a side of Klaus that many others don’t, and just like Cami, she brings out the light in him. With Caroline moving to New Orleans, she could nurse him back to health and make him whole again.

(Taking this time to say #RIP Cami. I will miss you long time, girl!)

#3 Klaroline. That is all.

As stated above, I did love Cami and Klaus together so much, and my heart was shattered after she died, leaving Klaus to deal with yet another loss. But since that can be no more, this leaves space open for Caroline and Klaus to FINALLY be properly together. OK, yes, Stefan and Caroline have their future plans, but if that didn’t work out, I’d be secretly hoping for a Klaroline reunion. Klaus clearly has a soft spot for boss blonde ladies, and Caroline is simply perfect for him in many ways. For so long they fought against their sexual tension, but sometimes you just gotta give in to your needs, and that’s exactly what they finally did. Despite that temporarily satisfying our Klaroline dreams, we still need more. I’ve always shipped Klaroline, and quite frankly, I just NEED more scenes of them together… pronto!

#4 Caroline would be loyal to the Mikaelson’s (since we all know they have trust issues).

The Mikaelson family has always had trust issues and struggle to differentiate who really will be there for them and NOT betray them. However, since they have a past with Caroline (and Klaus trusts her), she could fit perfectly into their little trusted group. Despite Caroline not being family, she could still work with them and help protect them when they are in need of it — which is basically, like, all the time. Klaus and the fam need more loyal people in their inner crew, so my best option for that would be for them to welcome Caroline to it. Yay, or nah?

#5 Caroline’s girls could become BFF’s with Klaus’ little girl, Hope.

How adorable would it be if Caroline’s girls became besties with Klaus’s girl, Hope, while they were growing up? Yes, there would be an age difference, but Caroline’s girls could become almost like sisters with Hope. Either way, I’m sure having supernatural kids around each other would bring many benefits.

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