‘Kings of Con’ recap: 1×04 “Bellevue, WA”

Welcome back to the weirdest, most wonderful show on the internet right now.

This week’s episode of Kings of Con was certainly a doozy, wasn’t it? Let’s take a look at some of its highlights and the highlights from last night’s Kings of CONversation livestream!

Episode 1×04 “Bellevue, WA”

Do celebrities get starstruck by other celebrities? That question is answered with a resounding yes as Josh Meyers guest-stars as off-kilter British TV star Kent O’Grady, who shares the con spotlight with Rob and Rich this week. However, what happens when Rob inadvertently discovers his secret? Kent’s appearance shakes up the dynamic between the regular group of con stars, and makes for a really interesting episode. By interesting, I mean weird, in the very best way.

The highlights:

  • Kim Rhodes and Kurt Fuller make their return!
  • I would actually love to see Rich being a “careless camper.”
  • The potatoes scene… Wow… That was very uncomfortable. And rightly so.
  • I’ve seen plenty of theatre kids do weird vocal warmups, but Kent’s really takes the cake.
  • I just really love Kim Rhodes. Gonna dedicate this whole bullet point to her.
  • Rob with Kent is me in every awkward interaction.
  • Kent to Rob: “Blame the musk.”

Kings of CONversation 11/29/16

Back in the bar with the best bouncer announcer Jay! Our guest-host is Josh Meyers, and our guest-star is Matt Cohen! Let’s recap some of the best moments.

  • Rob reveals that potatoes were a guest star in the episode, none of us are surprised.
  • Matt Cohen biting into a raw potato while staring at the camera was unnerving, but strangely funny?
  • #Gap
  • Timothy Omundson (Cain on Supernatural) was the inspiration for the character of Kent! Of course he was.
  • Tim Omundson + potatoes = true love.
  • Rob discusses the origin of “blame the musk” (it’s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles).
  • Matt Cohen’s new street name is Mama’s Garden. Tell your friends.
  • Twitter poll results: hot potato wins over mashed, sweet, and couch. Important news, people.
  • #RedKryptonite (I’m not sure why this after-show inspires so many hashtags, but I’m fine with it.)

Looking forward

This show continues to surprise me, in ways that I can only describe as interesting. Unexpected, funny, and unbelievably witty, Kings of Con is still on track to make anyone who watches an instant fan. The livestream only goes to show how funny and interesting the guest cast is, and lets fans get even more involved in the show. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, where Matt Cohen’s character makes his return! Until then, here’s a picture of the world’s oddest tango.

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Featured image: narrettwist on Tumblr


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