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‘Supergirl’ crossover event recap: 2×08 “Medusa”

Supergirl recap: Season 2, Episode 8, “Medusa,” Aired Nov. 28, 2016

It is time, my Superfans! The first night of the crossover has aired! So much happened! We started with an alien-killing virus and ended with a visit from the Flash and Vibe. Let’s do this.

Mon-El and The Virus

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This was not Mon-El’s episode. I mean, this man went through the ringer! In the end, however, he came out on top. Here is a look at poor Mon-El’s time:

  • Mon-El went to the bar, saw J’onn, and followed him out. J’onn was actually Cyborg Superman. Mon-El got his ass kicked.
  • He went back into the bar and all the aliens were dead. Mon-El inhaled the gas and was infected.
  • The gas was a virus used to kill aliens. Mon-El spent the rest of the episode in a hospital bed.

Don’t worry — it wasn’t all bad. Mon-El, in his drug induced state, kissed Kara. And… Kara kissed him back!

The Boozy Thanksgiving

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IT Tech Post.com

I do enjoy Supergirl Thanksgivings! This year features a visit from Eliza, a drunk Alex, a bickering Winn, and an alien flirtation! You know, the usual.

  • Good ole Eliza Danvers is back. She is warm and loving as usual.
  • Mon-El kisses up to Eliza to score points with Kara.
  • Alex is getting incredibly intoxicated because she wants to tell her Mom about the gayness. Ha! Drunk Alex is the best.
  • Winn and James spend the whole time trying to tell Kara that James is the Guardian. Thanks to Alex, they have no success with this.
  • Then, a stupid portal opens up and ruins the good time!

Strike one, Barry Allen!

Luthor Family Drama, Part 1


My love for Lena Luthor continues to grow. While my dislike for Lillian Luthor does the same. Seriously, that woman is bat sh*t crazy!

This week we get some insight on the nature of Lena and Lillian’s relationship. It isn’t pretty.

  • Lillian does not consider Lena a true member of their family.
  • Lillian does not love Lena.
  • Lena was her father’s favorite.
  • Lex was Lillian’s favorite.

Poor Lena is tossed around this episode. She finds out her Mother is in charge of Cadmus. Cadmus wants to spread the virus across the city. Supergirl tries to enlist Lena to stop Lillian. Here is how it goes down:

“Yo, your Mom is bat sh*t crazy. We have to shut her down.”

“You’re lying. You are just like your cousin. I thought you were different.”

“I am. So are you. You can be a hero.”

I swear if Alex wasn’t already on this path, I would say, Lena is! You know what I mean? Lena finds out the truth about her Mother and saves the day. Team Lena forever!

#Sanvers happens!

We patiently waited. Then, we anxiously waited. Finally, we were about to burst. After I aged ten years and took a long nap… we got our moment!

Maggie woke up and figured herself out! Alright, let me take a step back. Maggie was shot going up against Cyborg Superman. Alex patched her up and they flirted, for the 600th time. At the end of the episode, Maggie realizes life is too short, and this happened:


Kisses! Maggie kissed Alex. Okay, we can all call it a day, right? Oh, no, wait…

The Crossover Part 1


I would like to point out, this wasn’t exactly the crossover I was expecting. In the last minute, of the episode, Cisco and Barry popped in for a chat.

“I knew those portals were your fault.”

“Hey Kara. This is my friend, Cisco.”

“Hello. You have a nice universe here.”

“Kara, remember that favor you owed me?”

“What do you need?”

Boom. Just like that, the episode ends! Are you on the edge of your couch? Are you ready for tomorrow’s episode of The Flash? Tune in tomorrow for the crossover, part 2!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps!

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