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‘Supergirl’: Exploring the journey of Alex Danvers

One of the main stories, of Supergirl this season, involves Alex Danvers. The moment Agent Danvers appeared on our screens, she was an instant favorite. Alex’s strong will, protective nature, and overall badassery made her an unstoppable force. Alex remains one of a few humans on the show.

Despite her lack of powers, she has a loving heart, extreme courage, and a daring nature. So, when her plot evolved in season 2, we got to see a more vulnerable side of her. Let’s take a moment to explore the incredible journey, of Alex Danvers.

Alex Danvers meets Maggie Sawyer.


Agent Danver’s journey begins with the introduction of Detective Maggie Sawyer. The DEO is called on site to a crime scene. Alex is talking to Supergirl, when she notices someone examining the crime scene. Alex walks up to her and the scene goes like this…

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“I’m examining my crime scene.”

“This is my crime scene.”

“I’m the FBI (No, you’re not.) Your crime scene is wherever I say it is.”

Remember Alex and Maggie are about 3 inches away from each other when this scene goes down. The heat coming off these two is like wildfire!

This, of course, is obvious to us but no one else on the screen.

Maggie Sawyer takes Alex Danvers on a non-date.


Feeling bad about how they met, Maggie calls Alex. How did she get her number? You got me. Maggie gets a tip and asks Alex to come with her. We then enter into the world’s biggest date that isn’t a date that we have ever seen. They go to an underground bar where we learn all about Maggie.

  • Maggie is from Nebraska.
  • Detective Sawyer feels more comfortable around aliens.
  • She likes girls.

Here is what we learn about Alex, during this conversation.

  • Alex can’t keep her eyes off of Maggie.
  • Danvers can’t stop smiling.
  • She is listening with her full attention.

The moment this non-date finished, the shippers were off and running on Twitter and Facebook.

Alex can’t go one day without seeing Maggie.


Anyone who has ever liked someone, knows how the rest of this goes. Gay, Straight, Bi, or Queer, it doesn’t matter, it goes down the same way! You can’t stop thinking about someone. You call them. The person gets excited. They call you. You hang out all the time. You are all giggles, when they call. This dance goes on an on… until someone breaks.

Alex makes a discovery.


Several episodes into Alex and Maggie’s song and dance, the fandom gets what it has been waiting for…

Alex realizes she likes girls.

I want to take a moment and be completely serious. This is a serious topic and cannot be taken lightly. You have been warned. Grab your tissues.

Realizing you have feelings for someone of the same sex is a hard truth to grasp. It is like your heart has been hiding behind a shield your whole life. Finally, after many years, you begin to crack that shield. It takes everything you have and then a little more. It is both one of the hardest things you will ever do and one of the most liberating. The moment the shield breaks, you can finally breathe. This episode packs a punch, to anyone who has ever had to go through this.


Alex runs through every relationship in her mind. All of her uncomfortable feelings and hardships. She begins to realize there were always signs. She just wasn’t ready to see them yet.

“I have been thinking about what you said.”

“About what?”

“What you said.”


“I am beginning to think there is some truth in it.”

When Alex tells Maggie, Maggie doesn’t wince or hesitate. She listens. Meanwhile, all of the viewers have tears of pride running down their faces.

Alex comes out to Kara.

Chyler Leigh is a fantastic actress. Whether she is on Grey’s Anatomy or Supergirl, she has been known slay her scenes. When Alex comes out to Kara, however has to be the best, she has ever filmed. Melissa Benoist hits it pretty hard too.

Coming out to the person you love the most is terrifying. No matter what your fears are, your main concern is, if they will still love you. Kara, although confused, makes it a point to let Alex know she loves her. She is proud of her. Cue the tears of joy. Luckily for Alex, her sister reacted the way we all wish everyone else would.

Alex’s journey is just beginning. I can’t wait to see it unfold. Stay tuned, for part 2!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps!

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