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9 Easy Star Wars-themed shirts to wear to see ‘Rogue One’

It’s now less than a month until the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story … so that’s plenty of time to plan an outfit! Full cosplay costumes can be a bit pricey. Like, I imagine building a Death Star is probably cheaper. So, we’ve compiled a list of affordable alternatives.

For today only, Hot Topic are having a 30% off sale on their T-shirts and 40% off the cold weather garments. This selection of Star Wars shirts will make you one superior, well-versed, looking Padawan.

1. Christmas Jumper

Rogue One Hot topic
Hot Topic

This Christmas jumper is both festive and franchise. The winter knit pattern seems to go well with the Star Wars scene, coming together to resemble a really old pixel, RPG you’d find in an arcade, which is cool.

2. Darth Vader Bomber

Rogue One Hot topic
Hot Topic

It can get cold sitting for 2 hours in a cinema at this time of year, so why not invest in this Darth Vader inspired bomber jacket … pun unintended. *Planet Alderaan explodes in the distance*

3. Rogue One Rebel Alliance tops

Rogue One Hot topic
Hot Topic

Ladies, if you prefer a fitted T-shirt look to a baggy one, Hot Topic are selling these Rogue One, Rebel Alliance tops. As well as being relevant attire for your cinema trip, you could easily get a lot of wear out of this shirt on a regular business day. It’s tamer and cheaper than being in full Rebel get-up, for sure. You’ll look less ready to take on the Empire from the comfort of your sofa, and you’ll look sane when you’re just out grabbing milk.

4. Classic Star Wars long-sleeved sweater

Rogue One Hot topic
Hot Topic

And, if you prefer a baggier, comfier look, this generic Star Wars long-sleeved sweater will also fit the bill. It features everything you need, a starter kit if you will, to understand the Star Wars Universe.

5. Scarif-wear: The newest Star Wars environment


Merchoid houses the official Rouge One merch, and there are some exceptionally cool Rogue One shirts in right now! Scarif is the newest Star Wars environment that will feature in the Rogue One movie. Director Gareth Edwards said he based it on the notion of ‘paradise’, and the film shot scenes in the Maldives in order to capture this vision. This shirt is one of my favorites.

6. Welcome, Death-Troopers!

Death Troopers are another addition to the Star Wars universe that will be introduced in Rogue One. And, I think both they and this shirt look pretty badass.

7. Team Darth Vader and Death Star

With the much anticipated return of Darth Vader, this shirt would be a great investment. If you’re personally more excited about Darth Vader than anything else, like I am, then I’d buy this! Vader’s ghostly image in this print perfectly sums up his underground role in this movie and how he’s basically the unseen mastermind behind the Empire and the Death Star build.

8. Team Darkside

Rogue One will feature a variety of Storm Troopers as already hinted at in trailers, set pictures and rumors. Death Trooper, Shore Troopers, and your run-of-the-mill Storm Trooper, all feature in this movie and on this shirt … so what better way to support the Empire and Dark Side … if you’re into that kind of thing.

9. Rebel With a Cause

But, if you’re more into fighting the power, this Rebel shirt should do the job, both at your local screening of Rogue One and in day-to-day life when you fighting that tax-man and ignoring the bills.

However, if all else fails, you could just wrap yourself up in shiny, green Christmas paper/fairy lights/both and go as a giant light saber. I’m sure the rustling and glare of your outfit will be no worse than that of any popcorn gorging, phone texting, cinema goer.

Rogue One will be in cinemas December 16 … get booking! Be sure check out our Star Wars coverage, and share your outfits with us @Pure_Fandom!

(Featured Image via Hot Topic/Merchoid)


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