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‘Lucifer’: Our top devilish moments so far from season two

Thanksgiving may be over, but we’re still counting our blessings as prepare for Lucifer‘s mid-season finale tomorrow on FOX. We’re half-way through the show’s sophomore season, and the writers are killing it on every single level. New characters Ella (Aimee Garcia) and mother from hell, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), have both been welcome additions to a cast already blessed with unbelievable amounts of chemistry.

No wonder FOX saw the light and extended the season with a full-season pickup. The show managed to cover a lot of ground with the first nine episodes. Here are some of the best developments of the season…so far.

1. Ladies’ Night

Last season, the show did a lot of great work building the cast as a strong ensemble and laying the foundation for Chloe/Lucifer’s partnership and eventual star-crossed lover thing. They hit things out of the park giving life to Lucifer and Amenadiel’s love/hate relationship. Every relationship that Lucifer has on the show was beyond well-developed. Something we got a taste of in the finale, that left me wanting more? Mazi and Chloe. This season has gone into overdrive developing lady bonds and friendships from the premiere onward. Mazi made friends with Dr. Linda and found a great confidante. Chloe got the chance to worry about something other than the men in her life and work. Well, mostly.

Sure, it started with a bet between Lucifer and Mazikeen. Is that how all the great stories start, anyway? Charged with the task of getting Chloe to relax for once, Mazikeen organizes a girls’ night outing with the detective, Ella, and Dr. Linda. They drink and end up in a bar brawl. Oh, and let’s not forget the karaoke and baring of their souls. Dr. Linda totally seems the type to have been a phone sex operator back in the day. The entire venture ends with the most unlikely of living situations that I never knew I needed.



2. Detective Douche and Douche…Junior

Speaking of unlikely situations…Lucifer and Detective Douche spend an entire episode together and not only do they NOT end up trying to kill one another, they actual become…friends? Well, they don’t try killing each other in this episode and that incidient was under extreme circumstances.You know…stolen pudding and mystical blades. I digress. This season, while my favorite bromance has been backburnered (with Amenadiel dealing with his fallen angel issues), enter Detective Douche. With Chloe distracted by her father’s killer, Lucifer tries his hand at being a normal dude-bro. Dan gets annoyed, but gets a little of his own back, by doing some improve and doing his best Lucifer impression. The devil isn’t pleased and wonders if this is how everyone truly sees him. A self-centered playboy. Well…thankfully our charming devil has layers, and he’s just added leather, an American accent, and Dan’s dude-bro (ness) into the mix.



3. Roomies!

After their ladies’ night out, Mazikeen decided that not only did she not want to kill Chloe anymore, she actually likes the detective as a person. Somehow when Chloe’s blackout drunk, the two decide to be roomies. It’s insane and yet it works. Even though, Mazi moves in and has sex toys everywhere. Trixie just thinks that’s a regular swing hanging from Mazikeen’s ceiling. The laughs with this situation are plentiful, but there are so many sweet moments. Mazi putting together the best “President of Mars” costume after Trixie reveals that she’s over dressing up like a princess for Halloween. Then there’s the moment when Mazikeen finds acceptance when she shows the little girl her true face. Granted, Trixie thought it was costume make-up, but she would’ve likely shown the same acceptance to her friend.

Chloe, on the other hand, will likely have a Dr. Linda-sized freak out when she finds out the truth, but hopefully, she’ll follow in Linda and Trixie’s lead not long after.




4. Revelations

Mazikeen found acceptance from Trixie, but things definitely could’ve gone better for Lucifer and Dr. Linda. The good doc was done with Lucifer and his metaphors, she wanted him to be honest and for a moment I was beyond happy, because first Dr. Linda and then Chloe. Finally the truth. Well, being completely realistic…Dr. Linda’s reaction was dead on. Disbelief and then terror. No wonder she canceled all of Lucifer’s appointments and hid out from Mazikeen for much of the next episode. Thankfully, Linda’s estrangement from Mazi didn’t last too long and her curiosity and the genuine friendship they’d built won over her fear of Lucifer. Maybe, we’ll table the whole…let’s tell Chloe the truth for real for a little while. That said, great work by the make-up department.




5. Amazikeen

To say that I was bummed when Mazikeen told Amenadiel that she needed a break at the top of the season would be a massive understatement. That said, it’s been enjoyable watching them grow as characters separately and during their interactions whether it’s facing off with Mommy dearest or witnessing said Mommy hooking up with Chloe’s ex. The chemistry between these two continues to operate off the charts even when they’re doing the just friends thing. Mazikeen was equal parts concerned and pissed when she found out that he was falling. No one gets to torture the almost former angel, except her.


Amenadiel still feels the pull and hopefully he’ll make his move…someday soon. Then again when he’s coming with awkward comebacks…it might be later than sooner, except maybe Mazi likes that about him.




Let’s just hope his newfound bond with Mommy doesn’t put the kibosh permanently on this amazing pairing.


6. There’s No Place Like Home

Yes, I saved the best…my favorite for last. My ship has a new Captain. Welcome aboard Dr. Linda. Luci’s psychiatrist is very perceptive. While Charlotte thinks it’s Lux and Lucifer’s fascination with humanity that is keeping him earthbound, Linda unintentionally clues the other woman into the fact that Lucifer’s deep affections lie squarely with a certain detective. Charlotte goes from trying to blow up Lucifer’s nightclub to planting a bomb in Chloe’s car. I know!!! What a great journey this season has been for Lucifer and Chloe. Starting from the premiere when Chloe made it known how much she appreciated Lucifer always having her back. Then there was the epic hug after the whole debacle with her Dad’s murder.


Chloe kept the police from shutting down the “last” major party and ultimately saved Lucifer’s club from reverting to the actual property owners. Things are definitely looking up for these two. Despite Lucifer getting cold feet and standing her up for the DATE they made, and the fact that his mother wants her dead. When it comes down to it…that’s scary normal, right?


Man, these two are the best. Which is why I’m going to need Lucifer and Amenadiel to do something about their interfering mama. That or for Mazi to do what she does best.



So many more moments that made this season truly amazing. I can’t wait to see what else these writers and this cast has up their sleeve. Did I mention Ella speaks Klingon? Because that’s a thing, too. Hit the comments and let me know your favorite relationships and moments from Lucifer’s sophomore season. Until next time, I leave you with one more lovely thought.


Get that man a cosmo!


Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX at 9/8c

Photo: Fox/Lucifer


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