‘Kings of Con’ recap: 1×03 “Pasadena, CA”

Welcome back, fellow con-goers!

The new Kings of Con episode debuted yesterday on Comic-Con HQ, and it’s safe to say that it didn’t disappoint. So, let’s look at the highlights from the episode. But we won’t stop there; we’ll recap the best moments of the Kings of CONversation livestream as well!

Episode 1×03 “Pasadena, CA”

We open on a distraught Rob, who is in a divorce mediation with his wife, Marney. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well. His wife, besides having more legal leeway than him, is possibly involved with the security guard. So, what does Rob do? He mocks police officers. Onstage. In front of a whole convention of people. Yeah, it goes about as well as this sounds. Afterward, Rob somehow manages to call 911 and accidentally have a bunch of police officers show up at his hotel room door… And it only gets crazier from there.

The highlights:

  • Alaina Huffman (Abaddon) as Marney is a perfect fit. Glad to see her again.
  • Rob, when impersonating the security guard: “You be quiet, because I’m all big and handsome and employed!”
  • Rich, after Rob takes a fan’s question and goes on a rant: “Does that answer your question?”
  • Mitch Pileggi (Samuel Winchester) shows up as a police officer! Great cameo that I wasn’t expecting.
  • That can’t be the most efficient way to wipe off a pay phone.
  • Rich, I need that t-shirt of you as a fireman. I need it. Because of reasons.

Kings of CONversation 11/22/16

We’re back in the fake bar with real Rob and cardboard Rich. What could go wrong?

The highlights:

  • Wait, I actually wanted to hear Rich’s turkey tips.
  • The co-host is Jason Ritter! He’s really, actually hilarious. I never thought that I would laugh about the Great Molasses Flood.
  • Coby Toland guest-stars! What a great homeless guy.
  • So, Rob actually did call 911 when he meant to call Rich in room 911! Classic.
  • #SaveYourSegway
  • I need Jay to announce different parts of my life.
  • Rich, still talking about turkey: “FLAVOR INJECTING!”
  • Plymouth Rock photo op = rockin’ it, Pilgrim Style.
  • Twitter poll result: Rob gets Matt Cohen from divorce mediation, achieves all of our dreams.
  • That fanart of Jay that made Rob crack up was done by the amazing Scout Villegas (consulting-cannibal on Tumblr and @scoutstiel on Twitter)! Love her stuff.
  • Rob: (cups nips to protect them from Jason)

Looking forward

This episode was another good one from Rob, Rich, and company. I seriously can’t get enough of the hilarious dialogue between not only the two main characters, but the whole cast. It’s so well written and makes me laugh out loud (for realsies). And the episode just makes me excited for Kings of CONversation, which makes me excited for next week’s episode… It’s a cycle of excitement. Print that on a t-shirt.


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