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‘The Flash’ recap: 3×07 “Killer Frost”

The Flash recap, Season 3, Episode 7, “Killer Frost”, aired Nov. 22, 2016

If you didn’t catch “Killer Frost” when it aired live, you need to bundle up with your favorite fuzzy blanket and hit On Demand because this is one episode of The Flash you’re gonna want to see, probably more than once. Yes, it’s that good!

Villain of the week

Caitlin may have taken on the persona of the villain of the week, but she’s still Caitlin, and we still love her. Some may love her even more as Killer Frost because, let’s face, she totally kicks ass!

Source image: The CW/The Flash
Source image: The CW/The Flash

Here’s one more, just in case that once enough to send a chill up your spine:

The CW/The Flash
The CW/The Flash

Killer Frost makes Captain Cold look like a purveyor of popsicles! This is a chick with which mere mortals really should not mess, especially considering that she single-handedly took out a god. Or did she? I’m guessing Savitar is just temporarily without physical form since his minions are still pushing for his world domination.

Calling them as she sees them

One of my favorite elements of this episode was the interpersonal drama. Caitlin wins the gold star for saying what everyone else has been thinking since Flashpoint became a reality. The only person whose life has not drastically changed as a result of Barry’s attempt to make things better is Barry. Caitlin’s alter ego is more than happy to point that out. Caitlin is a good person. The fact that she’s turning into someone with uncontrollable rage and the power to do serious damage with that rage is eating her up inside. And it’s all Barry’s fault. Dante is dead, and it’s all Barry’s fault. Wally has come into his own as a speedster, which he happens to think is great, and it’s all Barry’s fault. Do we sense a trend? The only person who doesn’t blame Barry is Iris. I guess love truly is blind.

Even if the team manages to find a way to reverse what’s happening to Caitlin, the damaged relationships may never be fully mended. It seems Barry is finally starting to see the true depth of the consequences of his actions. Nothing Killer Frost could ever do to him will cause him more suffering than his own conscience. He gave up a job he loves to protect her because he accepts responsibility for what’s happening to her.

Favorite scenes

I truly believe the scene below will forever be one of my all-time favorite scenes from this show!

Source image: The CW/The Flash
Source image: The CW/The Flash

Favorite quotes


“You may serve the speed force, Flash, but I rule it.” — Savitar

“Hindu god of motion … [I’m a] crossword puzzle wizard … on two planets I might add. 12 across, 7 letters  … BAM! Hindu god of motion.” — H.R. Wells

“Alchemy is a lackey.” — Barry Allen

“Barry’s real superpower isn’t speed. It’s hope.” — H.R. Wells

“I refuse to work with someone whose moral compass is as flippant as the weather.” — Julian Albert

“Every time i think you’ve run out of ways to be a hero, you show me another one.” — Joe West to Barry

“It’ll be fine. I promise.” — Barry Allen’s famous last words

Awesome special effects

This show sets the bar for wowing special effects. “Killer Frost” was no exception. I know you’re thinking, god of motion, another speedster, more streaks of light. This was so much more visually appealing than mere streaks of light. Don’t get me wrong. The streaks of light are cool. But this, was Killer Frost kind of cool!

Source image: The CW/The Flash
Source image: The CW/The Flash

It looks like they are literally dashing through the snow!


Cisco’s pop culture reference

Game of Thrones

“You scared me for a moment, getting all Mother of Dragons on me with that hair.” — Cisco Ramone

For those not familiar with Game of Thrones, Cisco was referring to Daenerys Targaryen, who is known for her command of dragons as well as her snow white hair.

HBO/Game of Thrones

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. For more on your favorite speedster, be sure to check out our fandom page. C’mon! You know you want to!

Featured image credit: Diyah Pera/The CW


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