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‘The Flash’: The drama beyond the villains of the week

It’s good that there is a Big Bad roaming around Central City because the most recent attempt at a villain of the week fell dreadfully short of even mildly engaging. If you missed this week’s episode, the weekly villain was called Shade. I cannot tell you anything more about him because he was incredibly one dimensional. He didn’t appear to have much of a purpose, and his unmasking failed to even give cause for an ooh or ahh. This villain’s presence was obviously obligatory. He provided the necessary distraction to draw the team away from the real drama. Sorry, Shade. But you were definitely left in Dr. Alchemy’s shadow.

While we wait for Dr. Alchemy’s big reveal, let’s take a look at some of the show’s underlying drama.

Kid Flash

Dean Buscher/The CW

Wally West needs to borrow a page from his big sister’s playbook.

“The last time I checked, you don’t need super speed and a red suit to help people.” — Iris West

So, quit whining, Wally. Wally is so eager to get powers that he doesn’t care from where they originate. Everyone keeps telling him that if Dr. Alchemy is the source of his gift, it will come with consequences. He knows it’s true. He’s seen it with his own eyes. If Wally jumps aboard the Alchemy powers train, he’ll end up becoming the exact opposite of whom he wants to be, thus creating yet another problem for Team Flash.

Killer Frost

Dean Buscher/The CW
Dean Buscher/The CW

She hasn’t gone full-blown platinum blonde on us yet, but it’s just a matter of time. Ever since Caitlin got up close and personal with her doppelganger on Earth 2, she has feared her future as a meta. Had Barry left well enough alone, her fears would have been unfounded. But then Flashpoint happened. Caitlin’s worst fears are coming to fruition. She is becoming killer frost.

Bless Cisco’s heart for trying to protect her from herself. She asked him to vibe her in the future to see if she go full-on Vader.



Caitlin’s intentions were to see if she turns bad so that she could get away from all of the people she cares about before that happens. The problem is, once that part of her takes over completely, her sense of reason will disappear and she will be that person that Cisco’s battles in his vision. The rage created within her by her powers taking hold will only be fueled by the fact that it’s Barry’s fault she’s become her biggest nightmare. She will no doubt go after him with a vengeance. The world of Team Flash is about to become very crowded and very complicated.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. For more on the Crimson Speedster, check out our The Flash fandom page.

Featured image credit: Dean Buscher/The CW 


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