‘Kings of Con’ recap: 1×01 and 1×02

The day is finally here! Comic-Con HQ’s series Kings of Con featuring Supernatural’s Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict premiered today. Mashable released the first two episodes yesterday, and they are available for anyone to watch until midnight tonight.

So let’s dive into the hilarity, shall we?

Episode 1

This episode introduces us to Rob and Rich’s exaggerated self-caricatures. Rob struggles with a divorce and Rich becomes convinced that working the convention circuit is just what Rob needs to do. Rob goes along with it even though he’s wary. This episode follows the pair to Whippany, NJ to a fan convention, and Rob does things that aren’t very… Rob.

The highlights:

  • Rich to Rob, who is wearing a wig: “You don’t have a mirror? Let me be your mirror. You f***ing rock.”
  • Cameos from Osric Chau and Matt Cohen!
  • Matt Cohen is terrific at being mean.
  • “Justin and Jaden”… hmmm… wonder who they’re supposed to be.
  • Rich to Rob: “Settle down, Eminem.”
  • The 12:40 bit was actually something I could see these two doing.

This episode set us up for a good feel of what the show could be. But let’s not stop there!

Episode 2

Still set in Whippany, Rob must deal with the consequences of what happened the night before. Rich aids him in this, citing Rob’s need for “crisis control.”  Rob has a crisis of his own, feeling unstable after his divorce, and the other actors at the con confront him.

The highlights:

  • I expected nothing less than a Hugh Janus joke from these guys.
  • Rob, after Rich says he’s in the clear: “Feels like I’m in the dirty.”
  • SO MANY CAMEOS IN ONE BROOM CLOSET! Kim Rhodes, Kurt Fuller, Osric, and Matt!
  • Kim Rhodes is, as always, my spirit animal. #WaywardAF
  • What would Bernie Kopell do?
  • Rob, ranting during his panel: “It’s time for me to taketh it back and putteth it in my pocketh.”
  • The final moment is gold.

So, the convention ended and Rob is basically back where he started. Rob and Rich check out of the hotel, ready to keep going on the convention circuit. This journey is just getting started.

Looking forward

All in all, this series seems exactly like what it was intended to be: a love letter to the fans of Supernatural, and fan culture as a whole. Richard and Rob are actually ringleaders of Supernatural conventions in real life, and that’s something they show off here. They make fun of themselves, as actors doing cons, but don’t hurt fans in the process. That’s something that they wanted to make clear when it premiered today, and it comes across that way in the show.

The show itself is very well-written and well-made. The humor is great, and very fast-paced. The dialogue is witty, and the banter is something I could definitely see Rob and Rich saying to each other. Although they’re playing different versions of themselves, Rob and Rich, the actors, shine through. I found myself laughing out loud, especially when cameos were involved. All the actors involved are incredibly good sports, as usual.

What’s even cooler about Kings of Con is that it’s just one more way for the actors of the show to connect to fans. It makes sense that this bond would grow stronger, especially since fans funded the show via Indiegogo. The fans’ continued support for what the actors create helped them write and develop the series all on their own. Therefore, this level of control shows in the first two episodes, and adds a certain charm.

I loved the first two episodes, and I can’t wait for more! Rich and Rob have great chemistry as Kings of Con offscreen and, so it appears, onscreen as well. I’m very excited to see more episodes from these two.

One Kings of Con episode will be released for online streaming every Tuesday on Comic-Con HQ.

Kings of Conversation, the live aftershow, will stream on Facebook and Comic-Con HQ every Tuesday night at 10 EST/ 7 PST. 

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