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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 2×05 “Compromised”

Legends of Tomorrow recap, Season 2, Episode 5, “Compromised”,  Aired Nov. 10, 2016

Hello, my Legends! I am sure you have heard by now, but in case your haven’t… Legends of Tomorrow was picked up for an additional 4 episodes! Season 2 will have a 17-episode season! We are on the right track my Legends. Keep tuning in!

Let us dive into the latest adventure.

Washington D.C. 1987

“Compromised” begins with the team-up of Damien Dhark and Iobard Thawne. Damien is trying to get an artifact from the KGB. Why is Thawne helping him? I have no idea. We also don’t find out what the artifact is. All we know is that it fits in a jewelry box.

Cosmic News
Cosmic News

What are Damien and Thawne up to?

Damien’s Plan:

  • Become an advisor, of the Raegan Administration
  • Infiltrate the White House
  • Make a trade with the KGB
  • Blow up the White House
  • Retrieve the artifact

Back on the Waverider

Ray, Nate, and Jax created an abomination detector (which makes me feel like, we are in the an Batman cartoon). They find out about the attack on the White House, and the team devises a plan to go undercover as tourists. Ha!

When they are scouting the White House, Sara spots Damien Dhark!


White Canary loses her sh*t and pulls out a knife. A Secret Service agent catches her and all hell breaks loose! The Legends battle the Secret Service and flee. Someone should tell them the Secret Service is just doing their job!

Dr. Stein’s Wisdom

Dr. Stein is furious with Sara. *Cue disapproving father figure* Martin cares about her. If Sara carries on with her desire to kill Damien, she will lose her soul… again.

“Okay, Pops. We will do it your way.”

(I’m paraphrasing.)

Speaking of father figures, Young Stein is back. Boy, he is a mess! Young Martin is running around the White House… instead of being with his wife on her birthday. How many times does Ol Stein have to tell younger Stein, to put his wife first? Broken record…

Baby Stein almost gets himself killed… again. Finally, Older Stein smacks some sense into him!

Damien and the KGB vs. The Legends

The CW
The CW

The Legends find Damien. Dhark is in the midst of the trade with the KGB. The crew crash the party and a fight ensues. Let’s be real, all we care about is Sara and Damien Dhark! Sara throws a ninja star into Damien’s hand. When I say “into,” I mean, it is sticking out of his hand.

“I am not going to kill you, I am going to make you suffer. Because, I am from the future and I know how your story ends… You die.”

At this point in time, Sara is perhaps the scariest I have ever seen her! The amount of hatred spewing from her mouth is amazing! This man killed her sister and she intends to make him pay for a long time.

Reverse Flash interrupts the fight and takes Damien with him. Luckily, before he took Damien, Sara stole the jewelry box. That’s our girl!

Honorable Mentions


Before we bid adieu, I want to take a moment to mention some smaller moments. These may not have been the focal point of the episode, but they are definitely worth watching!

  • Mick begins to train Ray on how to be his partner. This bromance is so darn cute!
  • Obsidian is the only member of the JSA left alive.
  • Amaya and Nate become friends.
  • Reverse Flash built a time ball — the same one Harrison Wells used to ride around in.

These moments were fun and hilarious. This whole episode had great insight into the dynamics of the team and the scenes were fleshed out and genuine.

What did you think? Do you need more moments like these? Do you love the Ray/Mick bromance See you next week, Legends!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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