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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 2×04 “Abominations”

Legends of Tomorrow recap, Season 2, Episode 4, “Abominations”,  Aired Nov. 1, 2016.

Hello, Legends. 

This episode was tough. My heart beat a mile per minute. Every moment Jax was on screen, I had to fight back the tears.

We open during the Civil War, in 1863, Mississippi. Union soldiers are fighting the Confederates. It is intense. Leave it to Legends of Tomorrow to balance intensity and humor, all in the same episode.



Speaking of humor…  What goes better with the Civil War, than zombies? The answer: Nothing! The scene begins with a time pirate (from the future) that crashes in Mississippi. The time pirate is carrying a virus, and he infects the Confederates. The Legends must stop the Confederate zombie soldiers and find a vaccine.

Who is in charge of finding said vaccine? The world’s most useless scientist: Ray Palmer. Harsh, yes. Warranted? Absolutely.

Ray Palmer has been floating around trying to figure out his purpose without his suit. Eventually, Ray remembers he is brilliant. Dr. Palmer begins testing. Who is his test subject? Mick Rory.

Zombie Rory and Martin’s Fear


My poor Rory. He gets bitten, turned into a zombie, then has to be Ray’s test subject! He has had a long day and deserves a nap. Luckily, Ray is successful in finding the cure. Yes. Ray did something right. It is amazing!

During Rory’s zombie mode, we learn a funny thing about Dr. Stein. Martin is afraid of zombies! It is hilarious! The man cowers in a corner most of the episode. Man-up, Stein! The people on The Walking Dead are laughing at you! Carl Grimes is laughing at you Stein, Carl!

As you can predict, Stein finally gets his act together. He helps Ray save Rory. Also, as an FYI, Rory and Ray bro-out this whole episode. It is truly adorable!

Jax, Amaya, and the Civil War

The CW
The CW

I will be the first to admit, I have not always been a Jax fan. He always came off as one-dimensional. Now, the boy is really starting to grow on me.

This week was a rough pill to swallow. Between Amaya and Jax’s treatment during this era and the war itself, it was terrible.

The CW is severely limited on what they can show on television. If this show were on HBO tonight, we would all be crying and eating ice cream. The CW did a great job of portraying the horrors of slavery and keeping it up to censorship-standards. Slaves were treated way worse than what was portrayed on television. They can only do as much as the network will allow.

Amaya and Jax were treated like objects. Jax was chained. Women were beaten. People were killed. All of this happened just because they were born. The severity of this era really resonates. Because of what happen then explains significantly some of the issues that we have in present day. I give kudos to The CW for being brave and making the correlation.

Ulysses, Henry Scott, and Sara Lance


At the beginning of this episode, a man named Henry Scott dies. Henry dies trying to take stolen Confederate plans to Ulysses S. Grant. Jax assumes Henry’s identity to deliver the plans. This in turn is how Jax ends up beaten and chained. Amaya breaks Jax free.

They are able to deliver the plans to Ulysses. At the same time, Dr. Heywood and Sara Lance kill the zombies. Ray delivers the vaccine to the rest. Ulysses, of course, will eventually use the plans to win the war.

What did you think of this episode? It made you feel the feels, right? I know I did.

I will leave you to think…

Until next time my Legends!

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