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‘The Flash’ recap: 3×05 “Monster”

 The Flash recap Season 3, Episode 5 , “Monster”, aired Nov. 1, 2016

Villain of the week

The CW/The Flash
The CW/The Flash

The Flash fights some pretty serious villains from week to week, but the villain in “Monsters” was one of the most vindictive, judgmental, and incredibly unpredictable brands of villain we’ve ever witnessed. He was a teenager. That’s right. This week’s big nasty was a 15-year-old boy who got his jollies from prancing his hologram of a Godzilla-esque monster through the streets of Central City. And why did he do this? Because he was tired of being faceless and powerless and picked on in school. See what bullying does to people!

The good thing about this bad guy is that he got the CCPD’s two grumpy CSIs to work together. For that, he deserved a medal. Instead, he got a slap on the wrist and a stern talking  to by Papa West.

Favorite moments

  • Domesticated Barry

I wish I had someone willing to whip up a hot breakfast and a steaming cup of joe for me every morning. Unfortunately, Cisco has grown tired of Barry’s efforts to please his palate. And he’s not too keen on Barry giving him a lift to the lab, either. Must be a vertigo thing. As much as Barry and Iris need their own space, I’m looking forward to more roommate escapades with these two guys.

  • I know you are but what am I

Julian Albert is a big fat tattle tale! OMG! He seriously had Barry called into the principal’s office for not following the rules.

Capt. Singh is more annoyed at having to call Barry on the carpet than he is by Barry’s actual infractions. He just gives Barry a slap on the wrist, which irritates Julian more. In Julian’s world, this behavior has been going on for about a year. In Barry’s world, it’s just been a couple weeks. Barry complains to Joe and tells him that before two week’s ago, Julian didn’t even exist in his world to which Joe sassily responds that he’s the one who created the Flashpoint. Yes, Joe. He certainly did.

  • Budding Bromance?

I loved watching Barry suck up to Julian to get him to allow Barry to tag along on his meta investigation. Barry had to force the words out of his mouth. He buttered Julian up with phrases such as “your skills are far superior to mine”, and “I wanna learn from you”. It was so much fun to watch, and either Julian didn’t know Barry was really bull sh!tt!ng him, or he just didn’t care. Either way, it worked. Barry got to tag along and glean the necessary info from Julian’s case to give to the team. But Julian actually got something out of it, too. He got to connect with a colleague, and he also got to see a side of The Flash he had thus far been unwilling to acknowledge.

  • Happy  Harry

I love Harrison Wells. He is one of the greatest characters on television these days. However, I find this version of Wells a bit obnoxious. He reminds me of a puppy running around all hyper nipping at your heels.

When Earth 2 Harry first saw H.R.’s hologram response to the intergalactic riddle, his gut told him they should keep looking. He was right. They should have. This Wells turned out to be nothing more than a science-like con man, an imposter. On his earth, he’s considered an idea man and an author. He didn’t solve the riddle. His colleague did. He doesn’t even know how to play back a recorded message! The team has decided to give this guy a shot. I hope it’s a short one. The team can generate its own ideas. It’s comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in the multi-verse. Team Flash does not need a muse. It needs a Harry Wells. I think they should toss this one back and reel in another.

  • Caitlin’s dilemma

Katie Yu/The CW
Katie Yu/The CW

Barry thinks Caitlin was the only person not affected by Flashpoint. He’s about to find out how wrong he is. Caitlin turned to her mom, from whom she had been estranged for about three years, to help her find a solution to her frosty problem, but also for some familial support. At first, she received neither. Dr. Carla Tannhauser is a brilliant scientist who apparently likes to work people to death only to leave them shivering in her shadow.

Caitlin managed to get her mom to take her seriously by practically turning her desk into a sheet of ice. After a bit of snipping back and forth. the two eventually bonded, and Caitlin left having somewhat repaired the relationship with her mom. The punch line came at the end of the show when Tannhauser sent a video message to her daughter telling her that the more she uses her powers, the stronger they will become until they completely take her over. Let’s just say Caitlin responded unfavorably to that news. She won’t be able to keep her little meta secret a secret much longer.

Favorite lines

“Barry, sometimes a man just wants to butter his own bread.” — Cisco Ramone

“Make sure Cisco doesn’t touch my pizza pockets!” — Caitlin Snow

“Ok, deal. You can’t slow me down, though.” — Julian Albert after agreeing to let Barry tag along

“I don’t need a deep, personal reason to hate metas, Allen. I just need to see person after person transformed, given these exteraordinary abilities and watch them be squandered.” — Julian Albert

“So many planets in the multiverse and we happen to pick the one wells who is not a scientist.” — Cisco Ramone

“Rendered useless. I suppose that’s the monster that I’m running from now … feeling powerless.”—Julian Albert

“I was really wrong about The Flash. So, I could be wrong about you, too.” — Julian Albert

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. For more on your favorite metas, visit our fandom pages, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image credit: Katie Yu/The CW


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