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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ recap: 4×05 “Lockup”

Agents of SHIELD recap, Season 4, Episode 5, “Lockup”, Aired October 25, 2016.

This season is getting really good. It’s not just the addition of Robbie Reyes, although that really, really helps, it’s all of it. Coulson is getting back to his sassy ways and he and May are working together more often which feels like old SHIELD. The entire ghost story-line is awesome too. It takes the show to a new level of story-telling and it totally works. Let’s break down the latest episode!

The book! The episode opens with a flashback of Lucy and her husband, Dr. Bower, looking for the evil book. They find it and it’s super creepy! The book “reads” them and appears in their first language, English for Lucy and German for Dr. Bower. Flash to the present and before he dies, Dr. Bower tells Mack and Coulson that he buried the book where they found it and that Lucy, the ghost, knows where that is.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen) LILLI BIRDSELL
(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Robbie and Daisy aren’t skipping off into any sunsets anytime soon. He wants to leave and she tells him that he needs to trust SHIELD. He also starts to regret ever agreeing to work with Daisy. Ouch. I love their dynamic but they weren’t paired up in the episode. Boo.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen) CHLOE BENNET
(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Fitzsimmons is on the fritz. Simmons is still pissed that Fitz was keeping secrets. Fitz maintains that he was doing it to protect her but she isn’t feeling any better about it. I miss the warm, fuzzy moments of last season. Please don’t tell me that they got these two together just to break them up!

#Fitzsimmons4eva – The fandom

Lies! Simmons heads into her lie detector test and it’s not good but the Director interrupts it because he needs her help. He wants her to feed him some info during his debate about Inhumans. After going back and forth with the Senator who hates Inhumans, the new Director reveals himself to be Inhuman to the public. After the big reveal, the Director wants to hook Simmons back up to the lie detector test but she gets out of it by hinting that she knows the Director is lying to the public about his heroic rescues. Nicely played Simmons!


Prison Break! Coulson and the team decide to bust Eli out of jail, but legally by taking him into SHIELD custody. May and Coulson head to the prison to pick him up with the warden has been infected by Lucy and starts shooting at Coulson and May. Turns out the entire prison’s staff has gone nuts. Mack, Daisy and Robbie go down to help with a crop of Fitz’s new cure for the ghost crazies. As May, Coulson and Daisy look for Eli, they see that a bunch of the prisoners have Watchdog tattoos and to make matters worse, Lucy appears and opens their cells. Gulp. They are able to outrun them but then they get cornered. Daisy takes one for the team and stays to handle the inmates, leaving Coulson and May on the other side of the door to watch Daisy take on the prisoners alone. I know she needs to prove herself, but damn Daisy! May and Coulson bust back in to save her and they make it out of the prison. Was anyone else getting Jurassic Park vibes from that cafeteria scene?

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Robbie and Mack. Robbie nearly loses control in the prison when he recognizes a gang member with a “5” on his neck. Mack shuts it down and warns Robbie to lock it up or he will shoot him. They run into a couple of ghosts and Robbie takes one out with his fire chain but another one infects Mack and he quickly injects himself with Fitz’s serum. They are able to find Eli and escort him out through the prison brawls. Robbie goes back to settle the score with the gang member as Ghost Rider and while he does, Lucy grabs his uncle and takes him away to help with the book. Before Robbie lets the Ghost Rider out, his victim says that someone ordered the hit on Robbie and his brother, that left Gabe paralyzed. But who? Also, how great was it when Ghost Rider was walking back out of the prison and all of the rioting prisoners ran back to their cells!?

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Daisy and May. Daisy is still sitting off alone and May goes to talk to her. May tells her that Lincoln wouldn’t want this for her but Daisy sticks to her guns and says she is leaving as soon as the book thing is wrapped up. Ugh, just stop. We want our team back together!

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Drama, drama, drama. Remember that creepy Senator? Well, she somehow got access to the prison’s security footage and it showed Ghost Rider with SHIELD after Ghost Rider had just murdered a dude in his jail cell. The Senator threatens to leak the photos of SHIELD working with a known murderer to the press so the director asks her what she wants in return for keeping the photos private. This can’t be good. This Senator is the one who is working with and possibly running the Watchdogs. I can’t imagine that this will work out well for anyone.

Also, should we be concerned that when May died, she saw Coulson? Hmmmmm.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think about the Director’s new enemy?

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