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29 thoughts we had while watching ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 premiere

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere: “The Day You Will Come When You Won’t Be,” Aired Oct. 23, 2016

Holy guacamole and a side of chips. The Walking Dead season 7 premiere finally aired… and we need extensive therapy. That episode has to be one of the best the series has ever put out, maybe even one of the best episodes in TV history. It was unbelievably heartbreaking, nerve-racking, and gruesome. Even if you predicted who was going to die like we did (just saying), it was still completely jarring to see it all go down. It’s as if the show has now been reset, with Rick and the group finding themselves even more helpless than they were in season 1. It’s going to take a lot to climb out of the hole that Negan just knocked them down into.

That episode was a rollercoaster of emotions. Here is a transcript of our thoughts while watching it:

Okay, here we go. Hold up. We need to refill our drinks because we can’t watch this 100% sober.

Wine pour gif

Oh, hell. Rick’s about to lose his right hand. He’s losing it. It’s gone. It’s as gone as whoever’s guts those are matting the ground looking like Hershel’s spaghetti Tuesday dinner.

A whole opening scene without finding out who died? Get on with it already.

Is it wrong to love Negan while Rick’s crying on the floor of the RV? He’s just so funny, plus it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

So, we’re showing every single freaking person’s face before it’s revealed who got Lucille’d? This is torture.


“Hey Rick, go get my axe.” Damn. Negan’s breaking Rick down like boxes after Christmas when the trash is already too full and there’s no way you’re paying for an extra pick up.

Showing everyone’s faces in flashback mode is making us nervous. Except for your face, Aaron. You can go.

We need to know where Negan got his jacket. His outfit is so on point.

too much fashion gif

It doesn’t really look like Negan knows how to play Eenie Meenie Miny Moe correctly. He’s obviously just winging it.

ABRAHAM GOT WHACKED?! Not surprised, but pleasantly happy that his last words were, “suck my nuts.”

Okay AMC, we don’t need to hear the repeated bashing … OMG! Did they really just show that on TV? Puked in our mouths.

Daryl! You are such a man. Way to step up…

Wait… Daryl’s going to die. Daryl’s going to die. Daryl’s going to die.


NO! DARYL JUST GOT GLENN KILLED. One of his eyes is totally popped out and we don’t know what that one’s doing but the other one is looking right at Maggie and HIS UNBORN CHILD. This is too much….

Okay, ew. We’re just going to close our eyes now.

Nigel are you ok

No, Nigel, we’re not okay. We may not be surprised that Glenn got killed, but we are disappointed we can’t eat the rest of our Margherita pizza now.

Hell yes! Look at Rick rage-slaying all those walkers. Nice to see he still has that in him, even if Negan is about to bury it way, way down inside.

“You’re used to being king shit.” Negan is all about those mind games. My, how the table’s have turned.

These commercials are worse than every hallucination-Lori scene combined.

Oh, no. You don’t touch a man’s son. That’s off limits! Negan, get your hands off Carl.


Pipe down, Michonne. If they kill Daryl because of you, we’re cutting you out of our lives.

Yeah, we’re not going to watch Rick cut his own kid’s arm off. We’re not emotionally stable enough for this. Drink refill time.

What’d we miss? Oh, Coral still has his arm.


Daryl’s a prisoner now. We really can’t be mad because that means he’s safe for now.

Negan saying Daryl’s name actually sounds right is the funniest thing we’ve heard in a while. Why do we love Negan? We’re terrible human beings.

Can we give Maggie a hug? Watching her cry over Glenn, weak and unable to do anything, is borderline unbearable to watch.

ARE YOU KIDDING US RIGHT NOW? You’re making us watch a scene of everyone alive at a table and Glenn has a baby and he looks at Abraham and everyone is smiling? Too much. We’re done.


Emmy’s for everyone! Scott Gimple and Greg Nicotero are mother f*cking geniuses, and the cast could not have done a better job. Bravo for one of the most powerful episodes we’ve ever, ever watched.

Okay, now bring on Shiva.

Let us know what you thought of The Walking Dead season 7 premiere in the comments below and what you think is next for the group.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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