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‘Arrow’ recap: 5×03 “A Matter of Trust”

Arrow recap Season 5, Episode 3, “A Matter of Trust”, aired Oct. 19, 2016

 Villain of the week

In “A Matter of Trust”, Team Arrow goes up against Derek Sampson, druglord of the underbelly of Star City. According to Rene Ramirez, aka Wild Dog, the drug Sampson was manufacturing was so potent “it makes PCP look like children’s aspirin”.  Good times!

Rene suggested bypassing the forensics analysis and tried to urge Oliver to rely on gut instinct to find the stardust lab. Of course, Oliver chose not to listen to Rene’s street smart intuition because Team Arrow doesn’t operate on guesswork. I’m loving the interaction between Wild Dog and The Green Arrow. They’re both stubborn as hell. And Rene isn’t afraid to call them as he sees them.

“Maybe rich boy Mayor Queen doesn’t know the streets so good.” — Rene Ramirez

Love it. Oliver, however, did not love the fact that Wild Dog went rogue and decided to take on Sampson without The Green Arrow’s permission. The result of Rene’s indiscretion cost the new district attorney his case. On top of that, Wild Dog’s little tussle with Sampson landed him in a vat of a whole lot of nasty. But don’t weep for him just yet. He actually walked away from his little swim as a not-so-dead being with superhuman strength and the inability to feel pain.

Source image: The CW/Arrow
Source image: The CW/Arrow

Those characteristics made him harder to fight, but not impossible to defeat. Oliver just needed to use a little forward thinking.

“Just because you can’t feel your tendons being sliced doesn’t meant you don’t need them.” — The Green Arrow

Let’s check out some of the other high points “A Matter of Trust” had to offer.

Favorite Moments

  • Dig and Deadshot

The CW/Arrow
The CW/Arrow

I got all giddy for a split second when I saw Deadshot would be Dig’s bunkmate. I was hopeful that Flashpoint had resurrected Floyd Lawton, and we’d be seeing much more of him. Sadly, it was just Diggle chatting it up with his inner demons. It did make for some interesting conversation.

  • Ragman and Mr. Fairplay

It seems Rene isn’t the only member of the team freaked out by the Ragman. Poor Rory. He stammers as he explains to Curtis that the rags pretty much do their own thing and he isn’t really sure what makes them work. It was a cute exchange ending with Rory telling Curtis he thinks his mask looks really cool. Rory is offbeat, and I believe, a bit naive. He was surprised to hear that Ollie’s training has involved punching his recruits in the face. I guess it’s a good thing Rory came into the mix after Oliver put an end to his Russian boot camp style of initiation.

Favorite character of the week

Source image: The CW/Arrow
Source image: The CW/Arrow

Curtis Holt, aka Mr. Fairplay, is my favorite character this week, and I have a feeling he’s going to be my favorite character quite often. I absolutely adore him. The levity he brings to the environment is much-needed and very refreshing. Curtis is great at delivering the one-liners, and even though Oliver doesn’t appreciate his attempts to inject humor into dire situations, we applaud Curtis’ efforts to keep the dark side from consuming him.

I am crossing my fingers, though,  that the team goes with Mr. Terrific, and not Mr. Fairplay, as Evelyn called him when they were in the field. Mr. Terrific sounds lighter and seems to fit his personality better. Either way, though, he’s pretty terrific.

Favorite lines

“So all that hate you poured into me for killing your brother, you really should’ve been pouring it into yourself.”—Floyd Lawton

“Based on forensics, The Green Arrow is either faster than The Flash, or he’s got a new team behind him.” — Adrian Chase, Star City District Attorney

“I told you not to offer Quentin a job in the administration and you decide to offer him Deputy Mayor?” — Oliver Queen

“Hell of a world we live in, ain’t it? I survive a freaking building exploding under me only to get pinched a couple of months later. It’s hard going on the lam with an eye patch.” — Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. For more on your favorite hooded vigilante, check out our fandom page. C’mon, you know you want to!

Featured image credit: Diyah Pera/The CW



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