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‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 spoiler free review

Hey, Teen Wolf fans! Season 6 is almost here and we have some thoughts on the final season! That’s right, if you didn’t already know, season 6 will be Teen Wolf‘s last! (Howllllll) I was able to watch the first two episodes of season 6 early, but before we dive into what to expect, let’s brush up on what happened last season!


Previously on . . .

In season 5a and 5b, there was a lot going on. Lydia was locked up but eventually escaped the Eichen House with the help of her pack and now has a better grip on her Banshee powers. We found out that Theo is in fact a dick and was sucked into the ground by his dead sister. Kira left Beacon Hills to hang with the Skinwalkers in the terrible green-screen desert. The pack (with the help of Parrish/the Hellhound) defeated the Beast and saved Mason who was the Beast’s human form. Malia came face to face with the Desert Wolf and learned the hard truth about her real mother. Hayden got the bite and now she and Liam can be adorable werewolves together. And in a twist, Deucalion was working with Scott the whole time!

Through the course of season 5, the  pack fell apart but came back together stronger than ever, and with some new faces. Everything seemed pretty buttoned up until we got a shot of the Dread Doctor’s little science experiment, the Nazi werewolf, who busted out of his creepy tube thingy and is presumably wandering Beacon Hills.


Here’s what we know from the trailers:

The biggest thing we get from the trailers is that our dear, sweet Stiles is in trouble. The Ghost Riders are in town and they are snatching people up, Stiles included. The thing about the Ghost Riders is that once they take you, people start to forget that you ever existed. In the trailer for 6a, we see the moment that Stiles is ripped away from Lydia after he says “Remember I love you.” Then we see Lydia trying to get Stiles’ Dad to remember him as she clutches a jersey. Everything seems a little darker, a little spookier in the promo and we dig it.


My #Stydia thoughts after watching the trailers are that this is their year. I love Malia and I think that her and Stiles were super adorbs, but they did their thing already. Being that this is the last year of the show, it’s time to explore the wonderful dynamic of Stiles and Lydia. They have always been incredibly close but now that Stiles has verbalized his feelings for her to her and Lydia is missing him, it’s going to happen (right?!). The way I see it, if Lydia is spending the season forcing herself to remember Stiles she will only come up with good things. Maybe all of the time Lydia spends reflecting on what exactly Stiles means to her is the push that will let Lydia fully realize her feelings for Stiles. Just think of the reunion. SWOON!


Now let’s talk about Season 6.

Season 6 has taken everything we love about Teen Wolf and raised the emotional bar to new heights. Get ready to feel all of your feelings, ya’ll, because Season 6 is setting up to be one of the most heartbreaking seasons ever. Also, prepare for some goosebumps. The new season has a very eerie vibe but still manages to throw some laughs in thanks to a certian baby-faced Beta. The new big bad, the Ghost Riders, are super creepy and are everything we wanted the Dread Doctors to be and more (sorry but the Docs fell a little short after all was said and done).

So far, the pacing of the episodes is really fast and it makes everything feel very fresh. It’s not bogged down with backstory and reminds me of season 3 in that regard. Every scene is important and all of the fluff is gone.

Now, let’s talk about Stiles and Lydia. We can’t give any spoilers away, you will have to watch with us on Nov. 15, but I really loved their scenes. They were beautifully done and gave me all of the #Stydia feels.

After watching the first two episodes of season 6, I think it’s got the potential to be Teen Wolf‘s best season ever.

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Teen Wolf returns Nov. 15 on MTV  


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