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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 2×01 “Out of Time”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 2, Episode 1, “Out of Time,” Aired Oct. 13 2016

Welcome back, Legends! I have missed you. I know we’ve all missed our cast, but it seems yet again, the cast is changing! We will dive into that later. Lets get to it!

Welcome to France, 1637


The episode starts out with, Dr. Heywood (Nick Zano) going to visit Oliver Queen. Why? The Legends may be dead. What else is new? Most of them have died at least once.

Oliver is like, “Oh no!”

Dr. Heywood is like, “Lets go investigate!”

Cut to the bottom of the ocean. Who do we find? Heatwave in stasis!

Here’s what we learn:

  • The Legends have been traveling through time for 6 months. They have been righting the wrongs of the Time Masters.
  • They are all missing.
  • An atomic bomb exploded under water right outside of NYC in 1942.
  • The Waverider was there.

Flash backwards (see what I did there?). The Legends are in France. Atom is using futuristic tech to fight bad guys. Firestorm is combining in front of everywhere. Men in hoodies are shooting the Legends with laser guns. Sara is being seduced by the Queen. Of course she is! Rip is rolling his eyes.

Exposition on the Waverider


After the hot mess that was France, we get a long exposition. I am not complaining, guys. 6 months have passed and we needed the rundown.

  • The mess that the Time Masters made resulted in time apparition. Apparitions are disruptions in time or significant event shifts.
  • Sara has secretly been hunting Damien Dhark and is using Gideon to help.
  • Ray keeps tabs on Sara. Seriously, he creeps on her the entire episode. Someone bring Kendra back!
  • The Legends have been making loud changes. Rip is not pleased with the way they have been handling things. What else is new?

All of the sudden, Gideon informs them of a giant event shift. In 1942, New York City blows up from an atomic bomb! Yikes! According to Rex Tyler at the end of last season, that is the one time zone they are not supposed to go to. So, of course they travel to it!

New York City, 1942

Out Of Time

I could sit here and tell you about New York City in 1942, but I won’t. Why? Because, three very important things happen in this timeline.

  1. Albert Einstein’s ex-wife was his partner, and she helped him with all of his findings. She was just as brilliant as he was. Now, thanks to the Legends, history will know the truth.
  2. Damien Dhark gave the nazis the technology for the atomic bomb. Damien and Sara have a killer fight scene that was by far one of the best ever! Sadly, though, she wasn’t able to kill himShe had to stop to save everyone else’s a**.
  3. The only way to stop the atomic bomb from hitting NYC is to put the Waverider in its path.

Time Scatter


Rip sacrifices the Waverider and uses a device to scatter the Legends throughout time. Ray ends up fighting dinosaurs. Stein and Jax end up almost getting their heads chopped off in England. Sara ends up in Salem. You have to watch that scene! Go watch it! Heatwave is on the Waverider. No one has a clue where Rip is.

Rip leaves them a message via projection to go on without him. Is he dead? I’m going to take a guess and say, no.

Then, we find out Damien and Reverse Flash have teamed up.

Enter the Justice Society of America!

The episode ends with the Justice Society of America stopping by. What are they doing there? We will have to wait until next week to find out!

That’s it, my Legends! Did you love the season 2 premiere? Sound off in the comments!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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