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‘The Walking Dead’: Ranking who Negan most likely killed

The biggest question on every Walking Dead fan’s mind: Who the hell did Negan kill? Now, there are theories (especially after the new “Right Hand Man” sneak peek) that more than one person got the axe. This is completely possible. The showrunners are all about throwing us unexpected twist, especially when it comes to taking away the people we love. You may notice that Carl and Rick aren’t on the list, because let’s be honest, it wasn’t either of them. Let’s proceed with the ranking of who Negan most likely killed…

1/10 — Aaron

Unless Aaron is a second victim, the fandom would be pissed. The death has to have a huge impact on the future of the show and the viewers. Aaron dying would absolutely not do that.

1/10 — Rosita

Same goes for Rosita. Low impact. We also don’t think that Negan is in the business of killing women, but if he chose to, we don’t think it’d be Rosita.

1/10 — Sasha

The only way we could see Sasha getting killed, is if she stepped out of line when Abraham was being killed. Other than that, we don’t think there’s any chance that it was her.

4/10 — Michonne

Okay, now we’re getting into the characters that would truly hit hard. Michonne dying is unlikely in our eyes for a couple of reasons. For one, why would they introduce her and Rick’s relationship just to kill her off right away? It seems like they’d want to explore the dynamic between the two a bit more. Also, like we mentioned before, we don’t think a female will be killed.

4/10 — Maggie

If any of our fierce females get taken out, it would most likely be Maggie. Still, we think there’s less than a 50% chance that this happens. Her death would deal a huge blow to the group, and the audience. Not only is Maggie pregnant, but she’s become a leader. Comic book spoilers lead us to believe it won’t be her, but you never really know. If they want us to really hate Negan, Maggie’s death more than any other character’s would do the trick. Plus, imagine the warpath innocent Glenn would go on … unless he was also killed.

7/10 — Daryl

Let’s just put it right out there. Showrunners say no one on the show is safe, but Norman Reedus is a cash cow for AMC. Unless, he wanted off the show, we don’t see why they would kill him off. He’s a fan favorite even though he’s not even in the comics. If they want a true shake-up on the show, and to cause a riot in the fanbase, Daryl would be the ultimate kill. He’s also Rick’s right-hand man, so it’d make sense for him to get taken out. Hey, Jesus is there now to fill that void. In the new sneak peek, we see a pile of blood and brains after Negan bashed someone to bits. Next to it, is a jacket or blanket, and people are speculating that it was the blanket Daryl had on him. We want to puke just thinking about this possibility.

7/10 — Eugene

Eugene wouldn’t have the same impact as some of the other characters, but he still has a good likelihood of getting Lucille’d. Think about his story arc in the last few episodes of season 6. He passed along the recipe for making bullets, almost like a last contribution to the group. And then he finally manned-up and conquered his fears of violent confrontation. What happens to people who have wonderful moments on the show where they grow as human beings? They die.

8/10 — Abraham

A lot of people are suspecting it was Abraham. Think about how much they pumped up his character in the last half of season 6? Were they trying to give him more screen-time to make it sadder when he got brutally murdered by Negan? Thinking practically here, Abraham would be a “big” death, but nothing like some of the others. Maybe the show thinks they can land enough of an impact by killing Abraham without losing any of our true main characters. Also, after the new video, there’s blood on Rick’s right cheek. People think this is a clue to it being Abraham.

9/10 — Glenn

Okay, so despite obvious reasons (spoilers) as to why Glenn could likely die, he’s an obvious candidate. For one, it’d give Maggie a big storyline in the following seasons — how she copes with losing her baby daddy and love of her life. Glenn would also be symbolic because he was the most peaceful of the group. Remember his face when he had to kill that guy in his sleep last season? There was also tons of foreshadowing, like him almost getting him with a bat at Terminus and then seeing all of those pictures in the Savior camp of Negan’s victims. If Glenn isn’t Negan’s victim, we’d be shocked (and also happy because we love him).

No one gets a 10/10, because let’s be honest, we have no freaking idea what’s going to happen when season 7 starts. This show loves to pull a fast one on us, so we’re expecting the worst.

Who do you think got Lucille’d, and do you think it’s more than one person? Tell us in comments below or shoot us a prediction over on Twitter.

The Walking Dead returns Oct. 23 on AMC

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