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Timeless Recap 1×02: “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”

Timeless recap 1×02, “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”

Mysterious baddie, Garcia Flynn (Višnjić), is back in tonight’s all-new episode of Timeless, and he’s still intent on unraveling time. His aim this week? Smuggle present day weapons into the past and take the tragic assassination of Abraham Lincoln a step further. Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt must travel back to stop him from damaging the timeline. When they get there, Rufus and Wyatt raise an interesting argument of changes they wouldn’t mind seeing themselves. This recap will contain details and spoilers from tonight’s episode. 

Man with a plan

The episode kicks off with John Wilkes Booth carrying out the murder of Abraham Lincoln at Ford Theater. Everything goes according to history. At least it does until Flynn decides that this will be the perfect time in history to destroy America before it can truly begin. Nearly a century free of English control, the still young nation was in recovery mode after the Civil War. Flynn reaches out to Booth and gives him a modern gun, capable of doing more damage to more people all at once.

He also reaches out to help in a larger and lesser-known (I didn’t know) plot to take out other important figures. Two later become presidents. Other would-be assassins engineer the deaths of General Grant, Vice President Johnson, and Secretary of State William Steward. Team Lifeboat split up in their attempt stop Flynn from interfering with history.

Who’s this Amy person?

At the end of last week’s premiere, we saw Lucy arrive home to find her deathly ill mother was just fine, and that was amazing news, right? The not so amazing news is her mother’s continued confusion over this Amy person and Lucy’s discovery that her sister had disappeared from family photos. This week, Lucy is in full-blown freak-out mode. She remembers her sister, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned, the woman never existed.

Lucy shows Agent Christopher and Conor Mason the locket with her sister’s photo. Something changed in the timeline thanks to Flynn’s interference with the Hindenberg. She wants to know why they can’t go back and fix it. Christopher interrupts and tells them that they’ve got bigger concerns at the moment. Lucy appears to fall in line when Christoper gives them the date where Flynn has ended up with the Mothership (Side note: They need a better name for that one. Team Lifeboat is growing on me, though).

While outfitting Lucy for her next adventure into the past, Jiya agrees to help the other woman figure out where the timeline may have veered. Lucy later finds out that her mother has been lying to her all of her life about her father. Could this have something to do with Lucy’s connection to Flynn? After returning back from their latest mission, Lucy goes to confront her mother only to make another discovery about this new timeline. She’s apparently engaged…to a complete hottie. Who also happens to be a stranger to her mind. How weird that must be.

Timeless - Season 1

Staying on mission

Things get interesting on this trip for Lucy. When she’s not flirting with Robert Todd Lincoln (what a charming gentleman!), she’s going at it with her team. Lucy was specifically selected to travel back because of her historical knowledge. One would suppose that altering something as significant as Lincoln’s assassination would be a huge no-no. Still, Lucy visibly struggles against herself. On one hand, how can she change history when she has been so vocal about the changes that Rufus and Wyatt have wanted to make. On the other side, how can she stand by and watch someone murder another human being?

She is literally feet away and watching the clock in that theater box with Lincoln and his family. Just when she decides that she needs to do something no matter the consequences, Flynn shows up. That’s right. It’s Flynn and not John Wilkes Booth who ends up murdering ol’ Abe. Booth didn’t like the idea of this new interloper (Flynn) showing up and trying to alter his well-laid plans. Booth does go down in history as an accomplice to the assassination, but no longer the trigger man. Lucy manages to keep Flynn from killing his other target, General Grant.

Timeless - Season 1

Rufus and Wyatt are both successful with their own protection details. Rufus runs into a few issues when he meets a group of black soldiers. They almost immediately figure out that Rufus isn’t who he appears to be. No, they don’t guess that he’s from the future. They become angry that he’s wearing a Union uniform that he has no right to wear. Eventually, Rufus gains their trust and they help him in thwarting Flynn’s plans. Again with no regard for time and the ripples he might be causing, Rufus tells one of the soldiers not to go back south. He tells the man to get his family north.

All’s well…mostly

Flynn gets away again, but Team Lifeboat ensure that he doesn’t get his way. There aren’t any “disappearing sister” sized time ripples, this time — or none that are immediately apparent. The show does leave you with more than a few questions: What is Rittenhouse and as Rufus asks, why do they need the recordings? Flynn is clearly the bad guy, but Mason is a man with a lot of huge secrets. Hopefully, Rufus and Lucy can have a conversation soon about Rittenhouse.

What did you think of Team Lifeboat’s latest adventures in all things timey-wimey? Would you be tempted to make changes like saving Lincoln if it meant changing the world for the better? Would it have been better or could something else have gone wrong? Lucy has already felt the pain of losing her sister from one ripple, what could a massive one do? Which was the better alias tonight? Denzel Washington or Juliet Shakesman? Hit the comments and let me know what you thought of the episode.


Timeless airs Mondays on NBC at 10/9c

Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC


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