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New ‘Supernatural’ season 12 Trailer Is Here!

Blood, Hitler, blood, Mary, blood, Dean, punching, Cas, blood but backwards. This super trippy, Memento-style Supernatural season 12 trailer is beyond intense and sort of hard to follow, but the concept totally worked. We have heard the term “back to basics” thrown around quite a few times when the cast has spoken about the upcoming season 12. Could the trailer be in reverse because that’s the show’s path? It seems like it. That theme is further echoed by the words “Coming Home” at the end of the trailer.

Check it out:

Like I said, it is a little hard to follow any type of plot but here is what we can see:

  • Hitler. I am guessing that the British Men of Letters will have some tie to that. We always love a good flashback.
  • Mary is back but she doesn’t look too happy. There was a lack of hugs and smiles in this trailer.
  • Sam getting tortured. Not looking good for Sammy.
  • Mary pointing a gun at Cas!!!
  • Creepy vibes
  • Rick Springfield as Lucifer. And was that his face burning?
  • A super intriguing shot of Cas, Sam, Dean and a hurt Crowley at a crime scene.

Check the internet in about an hour and someone will have figured out a way to play it in the right order. I would love to know what that man said at the start of the trailer. I have faith in you internet.

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Supernatural returns Oct. 13 on the CW. 

(Image: Katie Yu/The CW)


Meg Bonney

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