‘Supernatural’ Fans: Check out the trailer for ‘Kings of Con’

Over the last year, you may have heard about the new web series, Kings of Con. If you haven’t and you are fan of Supernatural (and/or fun), then you are going to LOVE this. So Supernatural fans will know them as God and The Trickster, but their real names are Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr.

13 weekends out of the year, these two are KINGS. Why, you ask? Well, because they are the hosts and MC’s of the Supernatural Conventions! It’s an entire con of just Supernatural actors doing panels and photos with Rob and Richard at the center of it all. They intro the actors and keep the show moving. Cons are crazy and with the intensity and passion of the #SPNFamily, these events get nuts (in a good way). That and the effortless chemistry between Rob and Rich, are what is going to make Kings of Con your next “can’t miss” show.

Kings of Con will follow Rob and Richard as a sort of parody of their lives at these conventions. Supernatural stars are set to appear and the whole thing sounds fan – flipping – tastic.

Check out the trailer right here: 

YES! This is going to be hilarious! Rich and Rob make an incredible comedy duo and Kings of Con is going to be amazing! Be sure to be back here after the show debuts so we can break down the funniest moments!

Kings of Con will premiere on Comic-Con HQ November 15th! 



Meg Bonney

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