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The final ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 trailer has our hearts breaking for Stiles

The final Teen Wolf season 6 trailer was just released after being shown at New York Comic Con. It showed a lot of what we already knew from the SDCC trailer they put out earlier this year. However, we got to see more of our crew trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and we even got a few Stydia moments. We have to wonder that with this being the final season of the show, will it end with Stiles and Lydia being together romantically? It sure seemed like he told Lydia he loved her at the end of the trailer. Of course, that could be just as friends… but come on.

The new trailer previews Stiles begging for Lydia not to forget him, so it looks like he knew what was coming. We also learn that Lydia and Scott “feel” like someone is missing, so even though all traces of Stiles have been erased, they know something is amiss. It also appears that Peter has fallen victim to the horsemen and their memory-wiping powers.

We’re already tearing up over here, because we know this is going to be an emotional rollercoaster of a season. We have full trust that Jeff Davis has an epic last season in store for us, but we do have a season 6 wish list of our own (of course it includes Derek coming back at some point).

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Teen Wolf returns Nov. 15 on MTV  


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