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‘Arrow’ recap: 5×01 Oliver struggles with his “Legacy”.

If you’ve been riding the fence about whether or not to put Arrow on your watch list this season, jump off it and start watching now. “Legacy” felt like a much-needed reboot for the show.

Oh, Ollie, how we’ve missed your badass, surly, villain-killin self! Unlike Felicity and Thea, I love this version of The Green Arrow.


A lot has changed in Star City, and Team Arrow’s downsized to Oliver and Felicity with Curtis Holt holding down the fort as a tech maintenance man. The show’s atmosphere reminds me of the early days when the team consisted of Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle. Of course, in those days, Oliver wore two hats instead of three. He now adds handsome mayor to vigilante and former playboy billionaire.

Let’s take a look at who’s left on Team Arrow.

Thea Queen

The CW/Arrow
The CW/Arrow

I have always loved Thea Queen. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have not been a big fan of the Speedy version of her. I’ve always had a hard time accepting her as a bow-wielding, ass-kicking vigilante. She was literally born to be a debutante, and she is absolutely flawless as Mayor Oliver Queen’s frontwoman. She is an excellent ambassador and thrives in the public light.

My problem with Thea lies in the fact that she’s dabbled in the darkness and found herself smack dab in the middle of the nasty. Yet she chooses to criticize Oliver’s choice to use lethal force. I appreciate that she wants to distance herself from that life, but she of all people should understand why excessive measures are sometimes necessary.

Quentin Lance

The CW/The Flash
The CW/The Flash

Quentin Lance has had a love/hate relationship with Oliver Queen and The Arrow from day one. As a result, we’ve had a love/hate relationship with him. I like that he’s no longer a member of SCPD. It looks like he’s going to become an adjunct member of the new team, as he’s already proven himself useful. This new version of him makes him the perfect candidate for the vigilante line of work. He’s fought on the right side of the law. Some of the battles he’s won. Most of them he’s lost. He’s lost the woman he loves — twice. He’s lost both of his children, and he’s lost his job. He’ll fit right in with a line of work that alienates those in its employ from lasting interpersonal relationships.

Of course, he’ll need a day job as a cover. I’m guessing personal security to the mayor might be right up his alley.

Felicity Smoak

The CW/Arrow
The CW/Arrow

In spite of all of Felicity’s struggles, the one part of life that has always prevailed is her sense of style. I would kill for this woman’s wardrobe.

Now, at the risk of incurring the wrath of Olicity fans across the globe, I must say that I am thrilled she and Oliver are no longer a couple. I love her as a techno-term-spewing-uber-hacker tech guru. But as Oliver’s girlfriend …

I used to like it. I used to ship it really hard. However, I’ve since abandoned that ship, and here’s why: The Green Arrow just isn’t the fierce fighting machine he needs to be when he’s under Felicity’s nagging  thumb. And Felicity is hard to like when she’s riding Ollie’s ass  scrutinizing Ollie’s every move. She seems to be backing off some. That could be because she realizes Ollie is going to fight the bad dudes his way now that he accepts the fact that ” if a shark that doesn’t swim, drowns”. It could also be because Felicity has already moved on in the romance department.  I wonder if Oliver knows that.

I applaud Felicity’s decision to move forward. Yet, there is something wrong with her living in Thea’s old place with someone other than Oliver. Of course, her new relationship isn’t going to last because she has to keep her extracurricular activities secret, and secrets destroy relationships. Isn’t that right, Felicity?

Of course there are other factors that could play into Felicity’s newfound relationship coming to an abrupt end. Det. Malone could be part of what’s wrong with the SCPD. And, if he’s corrupt, he’ll fry.  If, however, Malone is on the straight and narrow, he could meet an untimely death at the hand of this season’s big bad, Prometheus, especially since Prometheus appears to be on a mission to take out members of the SCPD, more specifically, the Anti-Crime Unit.

Curtis Holt

The CW/Arrow
The CW/Arrow

I love Curtis Holt. I’m looking forward to his increased role with Team Arrow. I do, however, feel a bit sorry for Oliver since having someone onboard who “speaks Felicity” will undoubtedly annoy the hell out of Oliver at times. And that will be wonderfully entertaining for us!

Curtis is 10 different shades of nerdy, but in spite of that, he is not afraid to stand up for that in which he believes. How terrific is that?!? He will make a very interesting member of the team since he has no preconceived notions, or skills for that matter, when it comes to battle.

Feel free to share your thoughts on “Legacy”, and be sure to tune in for next week’s episode.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. If you just can’t get enough of Oliver and company, check out our fandom page.

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