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Supergirl season 2 rundown

We now have one week until Supergirl returns to its new home on The CW. If you are anything like me, you have forgotten most of the news from this summer and need a season 2 news refresh! Here is what to expect on Season 2 of Supergirl.



Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin will be joining the cast as Clark Kent, a.k.a Superman! It is important to remember that Tyler will only be on the show for a few episodes. This will still be a show about Supergirl. With that being said, I am extremely anxious to see how he does!

Lynda Carter

No, you are not hallucinating. Wonder Woman herself will be on the show. Linda Carter will not be reprising her role as the iconic character, but her character will be just as iconic. Linda Carter will be playing The President. Who wouldn’t want her leading the free country? Excuse me, as I fangirl in the corner!

Courtesy of DC Comics
Courtesy of DC Comics

Episode 1

The title of season 2, 1 episode 1 is, “The Adventures of Supergirl.” Comic book fans, rejoice! Does this mean the show will have more of a comic book feel? Probably not. The writers just want to pay homage to the fans.

Cat Grant

If you are like me and heard that Calista Flockhart will not be a series regular this year, you became very sad. When Supergirl made the switch to The CW, the cast also moved to Vancouver. Calista decided not to make the move. Don’t worry, Cat Grant will still be in the show. Calista has just moved from a series regular to a recurring character. We will still get our Cat Grant dosage!

Guest Stars

Aside from Superman, we will also be welcoming two other characters in this season. Katie McGrath will be playing Lex Luthor’s sister, Lena Luthor. Oh the insanity that will ensue! Floriana Lima will also be joining the cast as officer Maggie Sawyer. For those of you that read the Batwoman comic, know her as the romantic interest of Batwoman. 

The Crossover

The final bit of news we learned is that The CW will be having an Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl crossover. This crossover also happens to be the 100th episode of Arrow!


If all of this wonderful news doesn’t get you excited for season 2, I don’t know what will!

Tune in Monday night for the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl, 8:00pm, on The CW!


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